10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

 “Halloween’s coming on and the goose is getting fat, will you please put a penny in the old man’s hat.  If you haven’t got a penny a ha’penny will do,
If you haven’t got a ha’penny then god bless you and yer old man too”.

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10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Still looking for your Halloween Costume for this year? Look no farther! Here’s 10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples found on Pinterest!

I know it’s nearing my favourite time of year when the leaves on the trees turn a beautiful orange colour and the smell of pumpkin spiced latte is in the air.  

It is by far my favourite time of year, possibly more so than christmas! (Janice will kill me for saying that!!) That’s a bold statement, I know, but I love making costumes and each year I try to outdo the last.

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For the past few months (Yes Months!) I’ve been searching the internet, mostly pinterest, for ideas for this years costume.  But don’t ask me what it is because I never give away secrets!

Here’s a list of the top 10 Best Halloween Costumers: For Couples that I found on pinterest.  If you want to find the source or more information about how to make these costumes yourself (because diy is always the best costume) then head on over to HHIH pinterest page @ HITCHHIKINGINHEELS/Pinterest

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Fred & Wilma

This one is particularly good if you have a group of friends or a family.  Why not dress up as the whole Flintstones crew!  Easy to make and very inexpensive this makes a good last minute costume.


An orange sheet

A white sheet

Pingpong balls


A black marker


…And there you have yourself a costume!

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Barbie & Ken

I love this one and have wanted to do it for years but weather can be unpredictable. No-one wants to end up as a wet soggy blob on the ground after putting all this effort in!  If you have an indoor party planned with not a lot of walking then this one is a great option.  If you bat for our team why not make it BARBIE & CINDY!


Two large boxes

Pink spray paint

A standly knife

A white marker

Your finest party outfit!

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Alice in Wonderland & The White Rabbit

This one is super cute if you’re the “sexy halloween outfit” kinda girl.  You can be a man or woman for the rabbit character so this one can work for all couples.  It looks more complex that it actually is and you don’t need to spend a lot of money buying wigs. Simply use talc powder or coloured hair spray.



A red or black jacket

Bunny ears

White tights & gloves


A shirt

A bow tie.


A blue dress

A white apron

White tights

A hair bow

Personally I prefer scary costumes, it is halloween after all!!  So depending on what character I choose I always try to mix it up a little and add an element of horror.  You can do this for any costume really just add a little black, make the outfit more grungy or dark and throw on a little blood just to make it more freaky!  You aren’t going to scare anyone  in an angel costume ~ leave that one for the kids parties!!

Here are a few ‘REAL HALLOWEEN COSTUMES’ for the brave enough to be ‘unsexy’ on Halloween!

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Adam & Barbra (Beetlejuice)

This is another one I have wanted to do for years and one year I will execute it.  But it takes a little more effort that your normal costume and so this one is particularly for those who want a challenge and go all out for halloween.  I mean the actual costume is quite easy, just rob your grannie’s wardrope and find a check shirt.  It’s the head masks that look a little more complicated.


Papper mache

Lots of paper

2 pingpong balls

A creative hand!

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Beetlejuice & Lydia

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

You have a few options when it comes to Beetlejuice as you can see.  If you feel like going all out you could opt for the costumes we created a few years ago with the circus hands, stripped outfit with lydia in her red wedding dress.  To add to this you can create the full headpiece for beetlejuice (see HHIH pinterest page) to make it more wow!

We did get quite a lot of attention for this halloween costume and it’s still one of my favourites.  Surprisingly it didnt actually take that long and we spent a very small budget creating this costume.



A red dress

Black hair paint spray

Hair spray

White faceprint

Red lipstick

A red net for veil


A white shirt

A stripped suit (or tape to diy it like I did)

A tie

Cardboard boxes

Duck tape


White & black facepaint.

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Edward Scissor Hands

A terrible picture but a very effective costume.  Edward has many faces and so you can couple it up with different Edwards.  We rustled this one up in a few days for a halloween at home when the weather was a bit colder and so we wanted something that would cover us up and keep us warm.

I love how Janice is the spit of Edward 🙂 🙂  When you that much effort into a costume I suppose it’s only natural to want to get into character lol

A lot of leather, belts and tinfoil later and you have yourself Edward!




Tin Foil


A leather Jacket

Leather trousers

An oversized  white shirt

Oversized mens trousers

Black polo necks





10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Couple Skeletons

Another easy last minute costume that can be rustled up in a few hours.  Mix it up by painting your body, over or under your clothes or simply wear black and stick with painting your face and hands.  This is a great effect at night when the white paint totally comes alive in the dark.  Add lots of talk to your hair for an added freaky effect!


Black clothes

White shirt



A hat

Tip:  A handy tip is to have a print of of a skeleton for ‘real life bones’ effect.  You don’t have to be an expert at painting ~ white face, black around the eyes and a scary mouth will always do the job!

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

SAW & Victim

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

I can’t keep saying ‘I love this one’ but seriously “I LOVE this one”!!

If by chance you can locate a small kids bike with the same style as the saw movie, then it’s a no-brainer ~ You simply have to go as Saw!  Easily done with face paint, and a simple suit this is a super freaky costume that will be sure to scare the s**t out of anyone who just happens to look your way.  The Victim costume is a little more complicated but can be constructed in a few hours with either paper mache or cardboard boxes and a few bolts and screws.



White tights

Black suit jacket

Black Shorts

Red bow tie

Face paint


Normal Clothes (add blood for extra effect)

Paper mache materials

Cardboard boxes

Glue gun

10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

Jack & Sally Skeleton (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

I’ll leave you with our last years halloween costume.  Jack & Sally!  If you’re man & woman you will have no problem deciding who’s who, but as always in our house we argue over the girl each year.  Janice normally wins but the male costumes are so much more interesting, and I like to dress up at halloween!

For this costume I made Jack’s head with paper mache, paint and black marker.  It was easier that I thought, I simply used used an inexpensive paper lantern, covered it with paper mache then painted it white.  Once it was dry I used black marker to draw on the face.

For Sally, I spent a bit more time that I would have liked.  Using felt in different colours, I hand sewed it together over an old dress.  By halloween night I was stitching Janice into it like she was ‘Sandy’ from ‘Dirty Dancing’, just to make sure it stayed together.  I didn’t even bother to buy an expensive wig and instead used an old Hawaiian skirt we had in red.



Paper Mache

Black suit

White Tape (for the stripes)

Cardboard (to make jack’s bow tie)

Black Marker

White Paint


A lot of coloured felt

A needle & thick thread

White tights

Face paint

Hawaiian skirt (or red wig)

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10 Best Halloween Costumes: For Couples

We have our Halloween Costume in the making

 Do You?!


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