10 Wonderful Wanderlust Inspired Christmas Gifts

10 Wonderful Wanderlust Inspired Christmas Gifts

10 Wonderful Wanderlust Inspired Christmas Gifts

It’s that magical time of year again when you splash out to treat the special ones around, however we know trying to pick that perfect gift can be a stressful ordeal! Relax though, we’ve got this one covered for the travel addict on your list.

I don’t know about you, but every year I struggle to think of that one perfect gift for just my immediate family. The shops are full to the brim with gifts that sometimes you just get overwhelmed with ideas.  Not to mention the fact that it’s impossible to think of a gift that someone doesn’t already have or had in the past.


With the weather outside cold enough to freeze your eye lashes, who wants to brave the elements and wander the high street in search of another common gift? Not me!!  That’s why shopping online is the way to go, so here’s a few ideas to put your mind at rest this christmas and focus your attention on more pressing issues.  Like what “ugly christmas jumper” are you going to wear this year?!

We’ve put together a few ideas to ensure your gift ends up the cream of the crop.  You’ve taken the time and thought of their interests, which is obviously travel, and you’ll definitely get brownie points for these thought-out wanderlust gifts.

Make someone’s Christmas extra special this year and outshine the rest with these top 10 online globe-trotting gifts!

10 Wonderful Wanderlust Inspired Christmas Gifts:

1. Travel Cork Board

world map

We got one of these from my brother and sister in law for a wedding gift and we totally LOVE it!  It’s such a great little source of inspiration for reminding you where you have been and where is on the bucket list.  Together we cracked open a bottle of wine, sat down and pinned all the places we travelled together.  We reminisced about our favourite places, trips and adventures.

Before we proudly hung it on our travel inspired wall, we each chose a few new countries to our “Places yet to see” list.  This is a great christmas gift to give to any wanderlust.

Get it here!  They range from £20 to £200 or why not DIY you’re own!

2. Travel Prints


What better way to get inspired to travel and see the world than to surround yourself with places to go and destinations that have been on your mind for some time.  Even travel quotes help inspire me to book a flight or plan the next voyage.  You can get some great inexpensive prints, photography or travel quotes from here..


3. Inspirational Travel Books


Kindles are all the rage as you know and I’m sure in the coming years we will see new and more exciting ways to read books online.  How would we survive those 10 hour bus journey’s or lazy day’s by the beach if we didn’t have at least one book to read, right?!  Personally I am still a firm believer in a good old “hard copy” of your favourite book.  I still haven’t quite adjusted to digital reading like Jan has unless it’s a blog post or fashion article.

Either way a travel guide, book or inspirational read is always a good option for the avid traveller. See our Travel Shop for more options.

4. A Travel Journal


“Write some letters to make a chapter of your life”

If you’re going travel the world and experience your wildest dreams you might as well document it all so that you can cherish the journey and reflect in years to come of your travels.  Having the right journal makes all the difference.  Some like to sketch their tales while others collect photographic memories with brief notes to highlight the important part.  Me, I like to scrap it, collect the stamps, keep the stubs, sketch, reflect on feelings and throw in the pics for good measure.  Pretty much an eclectic mix of everything!

Here are some Amazing Travel Journals that will make you want to document your next trip!

5. An Adventure Activity


I don’t know about you, but my bucket list is longer than my arm and continues to grow every year.  Adding an adventure activity to the list is always a good option for me or anyone.  A great idea is therefore to get a virtual adventure gift card. There are millions to choose from, all over the world.

So it doesn’t matter where you are or where you are sending it, whoever receives it will be delighted or petrified (depending on the activity).

Why not try a bungee jump in S.Africa, a skydive over the great barrier reef, a hot air balloon ride over Bagan, or maybe Sea kayaking in Byron Bay, Wakeboarding in Thailand…..the list goes on and on!

 Whatever their rush, it will make a great gift for the Adrenaline Junkie!

6. Cool Camera Accessories


Whether you’re a blogger or just love to travel, one thing you should always have is a good camera.  You will want to remember those moments, look back on your crazy journey and maybe show how daring or adventurous you once were to your grand kids one day!

There are all types of accessories depending on the camera you have.  Shop here for the best go pro accessories or check out our Travel Shop for Camera ideas and what camera we use to capture our magic moments.

7. Personalised Christmas Bauble

10 Wonderful Wanderlust Inspired Christmas Gifts

Thanks to the wonderful Laura @Loobie Designs we’ve already got our very own personalised globe christmas bauble and we love it!  Hand crafted with lots of love and creativity, this is the perfect gift to get any travelista this year ~ or any year for that matter!  Head on over to Loobie Design to place your order in time for christmas!

8. Personalised Luggage Tags


Why not get your very own personalised leather luggage tags with your own travel quote to inspire your every adventure, or get one for someone who needs it more.  Inexpensive and easily wrapped, this will make a great gift for any travel junkie. To get one click here.

9. Vintage Map Lampshade


I would love this one myself…hint hint for anyone who loves me enough!!  Why not bring some travel inspired items into your own, in your very own home decor.  This beautiful handmade vintage map lampshade will go with any colour, and if you look closely you might even see the world projected onto your walls.  Now that only leaves you with the struggle of choosing your next destination!

10. Travel Fun Money Box


We should all have a travel stash or a fund piling up, ready to book that next trip.  Why not start with a cute, travel inspired money box to keep those coins!  This one will surely inspire the wanderlust to get up, get planning and start making memories.

As you can see our list of 10 Incredible Wanderlust Inspired Christmas Gifts are all inexpensive, unique and will make the best christmas gift for your wanderlust loved ones!

10-wonderful-wanderlust-inspired-christmas-2A Merry Christmas & A Happy Travelling New Year to You,

from HHIH! xx



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