4 Reasons why we keep going back to Thailand

Beach in Thailand

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Thai statues

4 Reasons why we keep going back to Thailand

We’ve been to Thailand a number of times now and each time our trip draws to a close we find something new to love about this colourful country.


This was us returning from our world adventures way back in 2009

Our first visit was waaay back in 2008 and as backpackers were hopped our way from place to place soaking up all Thailand had to offer. From thai red curries, tuk tuk tours, temples and even full moon parties, we tired and tested it all. And still we continue to return for more!



Buckets in Thailand

So what is it about Thailand that draws so many tourist year in, year out? The food? The weather? The cost? The Luxury? I guess you could say It All!

The Food

Jan is a big foodie as most of you will already know. You will see from our instagram account that we could probably become food bloggers never mind travel bloggers.

Naturally we love to try new foods.

Here are some of our top favourite dishes from Thailand and high on the list for reasons why we keep going back for more.

thai street food

Street Food ~ bugs and all eeeek!



Thai Red Curry


Thai Food

Pad Thai from hawker stalls


Thailand Foods

Beef Noodle Soup



Fried Vegetable Spring rolls


Thai food

Spicy Papaya Salad

The weather

Thailand enjoys a hot climate all year round, Bangkok especially. In the UK and Ireland when the weather is cold and miserable in Winter, Thailand offers temperatures as high as 32 degrees. Even during the summer months when a high of 20 degrees can reduce youngster to their bikini’s in Ireland, you can expect it to reach well over 40 degrees in Thailand.

Thai skies

Beach in Thailand

It does get it’s fair share of rainy months, but even during the monsoon season you can expect warm sunny days with temperature rarely below 20.

Now you can see why it’s high on the bucket list of traveller and backpacker alike.  There isn’t really a bad time to visit .

The cost

Since travelling to Thailand in 2008 and comparing the prices from then to now it is clear that heavy tourism has taken it’s toll. But it’s still considerably cheaper to holiday in Thailand than it would be to take the same trip anywhere in Europe.

You can expect to spend a budget of £100 daily and literally live and eat like a queen. If you enjoy tasting the local food, eating off hawker stands (because you actually like to eat here) and shop in the local markets then your money will stretch right into next week!

street food thailand

I think what puts a lot of people off making the trip to Thailand on a 2 week holiday from the UK or Ireland is that flights can seem expensive. But the overall cost of “holiday-ing” in Thailand totally out-weighs the cost of the flights.

For the long term traveller of Asia, you will know and understand that you can live in Thailand for at least a few months on the same budget that would last you a week or maybe two at home.

It really is dirt cheap!

The luxury

As I said before, we’ve visited Thailand on a number of occasions now and each time to a different city on a different budget. Our first trip we budget backpacked staying in hostels for £3 a night or beach huts for £10 a week.

Thailand hostel

On our next trip we flash packed staying in nicer guest houses and more luxurious beach huts with actual bathrooms and beds. Our nightly budget would have been somewhere in and around £20 a night.

Thailand hut

Over the years as our budget increased we’ve enjoyed a few luxury hotels, villa’s and apartments. We’ve never had to shell out anywhere near as much as we would in the UK for either of them. You could spend a night in a five star hotel for as little as £40, and in most cases breakfast comes included.

Thailand Hotel

These are just a few of the reason why we love Thailand and continue to plan trips there almost every year.  Thailand doesn’t always mean tacky tourism, lady boys and drunken backpacker (although you do witness these a lot) but rather a holiday destination that offers every traveller an amazing experience for their budget.

Least we forget the Thai Massages for under a fiver!

If you’ve yet to visit Thailand or it’s not on your bucket list,

now’s the time to add it.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for our Thailand Album ~ More photos that will make you want to visit!


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