6000km by bike! Are we Crazy?!

6000km by bike! Are we Crazy?!

It’s finally arrived!!!!

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6000km by bike! Are we Crazy?!

Me and wifey will embark on our long awaited honeymoon biking through 11 countries across eastern and western Europe. The idea first came to me after a one day cycle  in Korea 12 months Prior. How did a cycle on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Seoul turn into a 6000km cycle across our own continent!? Ahhhhhhhhh I’m so lucky I have an obedient wife who agrees and embraces my crazy ideas and adventures! ( Well most of the time!!)

We booked into a hostel for a few nights before the trip started in a place where we stayed with both sets of families over our Wedding in Portugal. Suddenly this place, Cascais has a special place in our hearts, so it made perfect sense to leave from here and take on the first adventure as a married couple!

We’ll leave behind the home comforts and luxuries for freedom on the trip of a lifetime. We’ve got all equipment needed and probably more so. But I’m sure we’ll adapt along the way as time goes on!

6000km by bike! Are we Crazy?!

What Equipment is needed?

Ever wondered what equipment you would need for a trip over 6000km long spread over 11 countries in one continent!?!? Check out the equipment we’ve invested in for this trip:

6000km by bike! Are we Crazy?!

Off the Bike Equipment

Sleeping bag








Sun Cream

Iphone 6 Plus

Macbook Air

Olympus OM-D 10

Polaroid Camera

Go Pro Hero 4

Universal Adapter

Portable charger

Selfie Stick x 2


6000km by bike! Are we Crazy?!

On the Bike Equipment

Ortlieb Rear Panniers

Kryptonite U Lock with cable

Fabric cageless Water Bottles

Extra Tubes

Allen Keys



Puncture Kit


GPS Tracker

Cable Ties

Front & Rear Lights

Swiss Army Knife

Let’s hope this is all we need and we haven’t forgot anything or we get a puncture ~ neither one of us have figured that out yet!!

Follow our journey on Facebook & Instagram. We promise to provide TIPS, TANTRUMS and TALES along the way!

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If you’ve done any or all of Eurovelo8 route, feel free to add, give further tips or tell us how crazy we are to attempt this during the hottest months of the year!!!!



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