7 Reasons To Start a Travel Blog

start a travel blog

reason to start a blog

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Have you considered traveling around the world? Perhaps you’re stuck in the office, thinking about a backpacking trip around the world. When you finally get around to booking that trip or taking that voyage, then you should think about documenting your travels with a travel blog.

Blogging is fast becoming a way to express ourselves.  We don’t talk on the phone as much as we used to or send emails to let folk at home know what we get up to.  That would be too time consuming..no no! We blog! Or vlog!

If you are on an adventure of a lifetime or a unique journey in life, it’s a great idea to share it with the world.  We all need a little inspiration in life to spur us on or get us thinking about the next challenge.

Maybe you’ve already taken a big expedition, returning with great travel stories that you would love to share.  A close encounter with a great white shark, a near death experience or maybe it was just a simple message you want to share or a lesson you learnt along the way.  Whatever it is, blogging is a great way to share those chapters in your life.

But what’s so special about a travel blog anyway?

Why should you consider starting one?

Well I’m sure if you’re reading this you have some idea about what a blogger actually is. I’m also sure you’ve heard the stories circulating lately, how bloggers have made millions, travelled the world making money online and basically living the life of Larry, all through blogging.  If you haven’t, hear are a few of my favourites!

Johnny Ward ~ Onestep4ward

Mollie Bylett ~ Where’s Mollie

Janet Newenham ~ Journalist on the Run

I can tell you’re already thinking travel blog names!!!

So apart from travelling the world, living the high life and making a ton of money are there any other reasons why you should start a travel blog?  The answer is yes!

Whilst it’s bloody hard work  learning the ropes of blogging, wrapping your head around SEO, meta tags, back linking and all the other techno jargon, there are lots of other great reasons to start a travel blog.


Here are HHIH’s 7 Reasons to Start a Travel blog:

1. Showcase your experience your own way

When you use WordPress as a site builder, you’ll have countless ways to present your site. You can modify your blog in different ways unlike social media sites to make it personal.  Showcase your style and personality, let readers see the real you.  Express yourself through media, words and visual creativity and allow your audience to experience your adventures how you want them to be perceived.

reason to start a blog

2. Travel at will

So many travel bloggers today have been able to follow their dreams, quit their jobs, and now, they travel the globe for a living. Making the same amount if not more, travelling the world and having fun while they share their experiences is not a bad way to live.  Once you grow your travel blog it will give you the freedom to lead the life you want, travel at your own will and see the world while you work.  No more mundane 9-5 office job!

3. Free your thoughts

This is one great thing about general blogging. Audiences love personality, and when you’re real, it can be difficult for people not to read! Not everybody wants to hear all good things about your trip; some people also want to hear the terrible things. We all loved that show “holidays from hell” because we can relate to things that go wrong as well as right.  When you speak your mind, the world knows you are not a robot.  Be honest, get real and the world will follow.

4. Write reviews in exchange for free accommodation (not that easy!)

Reviews are how people make 99% of their accommodation decisions. When you become a travel blogger with a generous amount of followers online you can review hotels in exchange for one or two nights of free luxury accommodation at the most fabulous hotels around the world!

You can also be interviewed by blogs and magazines. It is amazing how much readers love to hear about stories of others. Travel bloggers are often approached by many sites and magazines who want to feature a story on them. It may seem weird at first, but it gets better. You can get fifteen minutes of fame, build your social media p
resence and get more readers looking at your blog.start a blog

5. Learn new skills

Before I became a blogger I knew nothing about wordpress, content writing, or what the term SEO even meant.  But if you are serious about becoming a blogger you need to learn all and more.  This is a great way to learn a new skill and really change how you work.  Once you learn these new skills, you can then put them to good use in other areas and in other projects to branch out and expand your skills to others areas online.

6. Meet other great bloggers in the blogging community

Most importantly, you will get to engage in something you love and meet like minded people from a range of blogging communities. There are always blogging conferences in cool cities around the world that you can attend.  Some you might even get invited to speak and share your stories on a larger platform.

7. Make money

If you share stories from your experiences on your travel blog, and you write great content that a lot of people are looking for on Google, then you can start to generate money through your blog.  With traffic comes advertising and ultimately, money. You can place ads on your blog and eventually you’ll start to make money from Google or other ad sites for hosting their ads!

There are other ways to make money from your blog once you start to grow an audience.  If you continue to produce great quality work, your viewers will continue to come back for more and that makes you hot property online!

Who doesn’t love traveling?

So take that big step and blog about your travels.

Happy Travels & Happy Blogging!

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Start a travel Blog


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