7 Reasons to Visit Lisbon


 Visit Lisbon.

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There are more reasons that none to visit Lisbon, Portugal this year or any year for that matter.  We spent over two months there this summer and we had a blast.  We felt so settled, we could have almost stayed there forever.  We will be heading back to Portugal to spend the better half of 2017 there and we are super excited.

The location of Portugal means that the weather never gets below 12 degrees during winter and it’s average temperature in summer is around 24 degrees.

It’s not only the perfect weather that makes Lisbon a great place to visit.  The people are friendly, the fish is delicious and fresh from the Atlantic Ocean and there are so many great things to see and do.  Not to mention it is super inexpensive!

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“The Scenic Route Portugal”.


Here’s a few photos to inspire a visit to Lisbon & only some of the reasons why we love it!


1. Beautiful beaches very close to the city.



2. Who needs San Fran trams when you can have Lisboa trams!




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3. Did someone say Pastel de Nada? ……Don’t make me drool!!


4. Time Out Market ~ The best “market food” ever !


5. Beautiful architecture & colourful streets.


6. The Food. Fresh fish right from the sea.


7. And who could forget Santorini Ice Cream!


Lisbon is an amazing city with enough beautiful attractions to keep you entertained for days.  But if you’re feeling like  getting away from it all and escape the big city life, you only have to drive a mere 30 minutes to find beautiful beaches or boutique hotels.

Check out The Blue Boutique if your looking for a beautiful budget option overlooking the beach.

Or maybe you prefer the serenity of the countryside in a perfect Quinta ~ See Quinta dos Machados

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