9 Tips for Travelling Australia


9 Tips for Travelling Australia

Australia is one of the greatest countries to visit, undoubtably on everyone’s bucket list and all for good reason.

Aside from it’s wonderful landscapes, exquisite tourist spots and delightful variations of food, it is also home to the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Shark Bay, The Pinnacles, The Twelve Apostles, MacKenzie Falls, Fraser Island and Kakadu; to name but a few.  These wonders attract thousands of visitors to Australia every year, almost always leaving them craving more.

Australia is known to be the smallest continent on the planet and the sixth largest country by total area. The climate in this country is tropical and humid because of it’s unique location. Yet the temperature varies from one corner to the next and with change in climate comes change in landscape.

Known most widely for it’s beautiful shark infested beaches, surf’s up, and a little saying we all know and love “put some shrimp on the barbie”, Australia has and will always be on the bucket list.  Whilst we’ve covered a lot of ground by bus, air and camper van, there is still so much more to see and do in Oz.

Everyone can and should travel to this amazing country no matter how YOUNG or how OLD you are.


Here’s 9 Tips for Travelling Australia

1. First and for most, plan your journey ahead of time. Pre-planning is essential to be aware of the different locations you want to visit. Australia is a big place and therefore you may need to book things in advance to ensure you see and do everything on your list.  Most tours and trips require advanced booking.  You want to make sure you get booked onto your desired tour and have a seat on a bus going to your next destination.  Otherwise you may end up experiencing these wonders, only through photographs.


2.The next tip is to not plan too much. This sounds like I’m contradicting myself, I know! But you need to leave somethings up to fate.  Planning too much will cause you to rush things and not truly take them all in. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy each moment, so you can remember the feeling and not just the attraction.


3.The third tip is to travel light. Only pack the essentials for the journey. Over packing is a common rookie mistake and we all know we never wear those 5 pairs of shoes, 6 bikini’s or ten dresses anyway.  Just pack what you seriously need and if you think you need more when you get there, we’ll I’m sure you can find a market or two to pick up something nice.  We all love a bit of shopping on holiday ~ Or is that just me?!  Don’t forget a camera and be sure to have enough storage for lots and lots of photies!!


4.While I’m on the topic of shopping I should mention this tip. Always have a backup of cash! This is not only especially good when you are planning a shopping spree and bringing home souvenirs, but you underestimate the sheer amount of things to do in Australia.  Tours to Frazer Island, Uluru or the Great Barrier Reef can be costly and while you’re there you’ll want experience as much as possible.  Camping under the stars in the dessert, deep sea diving with the most amazing fish or sailing on a ship through the Whit Sundays.  A trip to Australia would not be complete without either one of these.


5.The next tip is to be open minded, take some risks and step out of your comfort zone! YOLO…. It is time to enjoy your journey, swim with sharks, sky dive and live life to the full.  It’s not everyday you get to do all these amazing things in one country.  See and do as much as you can so you have a story to tell at the end of your trip.  Life is for living after all.


6.Hit the open road.  One of the great things to do in Australia is to hire and camper van and hit the open road.  There are loads to choose from, depending on your style.  Nothing beats the feeling of being on the road with a map in hand, sometimes a beer in the other (remember I’m never the designated driver :-)) and the open road in your vision.  You can drive for hours and hours in some places in Australia without driving past one single car!  This can be a little eery at times but also very liberating.  Try it, and if you’re brave enough you can always try to capture our signature jumping shot in the middle of the road!


7. Tip number seven.  Try to plan your trip over New Year’s!  I know you’ve seen the clips on television year in, year out of the amazing fireworks display over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  But believe me when I tell you this, nothing can compare to actually being there in person to experience it.  It is a specular event.  If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket for the luxury meal with front seats, I highly recommend it. But fear not, there are a number of equally amazing spots that will allow you a unique view.


8. Make a didgeridoo! It’s corny, it’s touristy but it’s well worth the effort of carving out a tree trunk, creating your own design and taking something home to remember your trip.  It’s not every day you get to make your own musical instrument.  Also it can be a fun party piece, having house guests try and actually blow a tune.  We’ve had one for years and I’ve yet to master it!


9. If you visit Sydney, take a boat trip to Watsons Bay for the best “fish & Chips” you will ever taste at the famous “Doyle’s on the Beach Restaurant”.  They will blow your mind!  If you’re feeling energetic you could also take a short hike up to The Gap at South Head.  Trust me,  the views over Sydney are worth the climb!

These are our tips to help you make the most from your once in a lifetime, trip to Australia!

Happy Travelling Down Under!


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