Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand

Hitchhikinginheels teamed up with BMP Residence in Thailand to spend 2 days 1 night  Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand. We had an amazing time Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand!  With technological advances these days and our fast paced lifestyle, it is a lot harder for people to completely ’switch off’ both their minds and their gadgets. Although we all love to document our trip on our cameras and phones for memories of course, it is so refreshing and liberating once in a while to just take in your surroundings and completely let yourself......

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BMP Residence Trekking Tour
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March 21, 2016

BMP Residence Trekking Tour

Hitchhikinginheels teamed up with BMP Residence Trekking Tour in Chiangmai, Thailand. Read more and find out how they managed to trek their way through the depths of the jungle for 2...

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