A Lazy Girl’s guide to staying in shape while you travel

A Lazy Girl’s guide to staying in shape while you travel

A Lazy Girl’s guide to staying in shape while you travel

Keeping fit while you travel can be agonising ~ Now staying healthy doesn’t need to be a problem: Find out why with:

A Lazy Girl’s guide to staying in shape while you travel: Who doesn’t love to Travel? It’s difficult not be consumed by the travel bug once you return from your first trip abroad.  Well at least that was the case for us.  But it can be agonizing trying to keep fit and healthy and stay in shape while at the same time indulging in those delicious delicacies and sweet treats on holiday or a long trip.  Don’t fret, staying healthy doesn’t need to be a problem.  Hitchhikinginheels have some great tips for staying in shape while you travel.

If like me you get a little lazy especially in the mornings and enjoy your bed a little too much, never worry.  These top tips will guide you in the right direction, help you eat well and stay in shape, can be done at any time of the day: morning, noon or night, maybe even help you shed a few pounds and won’t mess with your travel plans.  Guaranteed!

A Lazy Girl’s guide to staying in shape while you travel 101

Avail of the Gym:

It’s not always an option especially for all you backpackers hoping to travel over a long period, to have a gym where you stay.  But if you’re on a short trip, holiday or extended vacation then most of the time your hotel or apartment will have a gym.  If it doesn’t then you’re seriously missing out!  You don’t need to spend hours working out, a quick 20-30 workout each morning before you have breakfast will defiantly work up an appetite.  Try for 10 minutes on the cross trainer, 5 minute Ab workout, a few squats and a 5 minute arm workout.  If you stick to doing this everyone morning, making it part of your routine, I promise you will start to see results in no time without really trying that hard.

Drink lots of Water:

This is especially essential if you’re in sunnier climates, to keep your skin hydrated and prevent those dreaded cellulite marks. When we’re in Asian countries we tend to buy water from the local stores, usually a fraction of the price as the convenient stores or large supermarkets.  It tastes the same and helps save those pennies for more worthwhile items like thai massages!  If your venturing outside of Asia then it might be worthwhile to buy a travel bottle to take with you.  You will be surprised how many restaurants, cafes and even locals will happily oblige and fill it up for free.

A Lazy Girl's guide to staying in shape while you travel

Hit those Fruit Markets:

Stock up on lots of fruit for breakfast:  This is a must for any traveller.  Lets think about this for a minute, if you were to go into your local supermarket in your home country and compare the price of the fruit there and the price of fruit in Asia you would be stunned.  Therefore there’s no better way to keep trim and healthy without bending the credit card than to buy the local fruit and fill up every morning for breakfast in your hotel or apartment.  If you’re not in Asia, then find out what the locally grown fruit is and stock up on that.  It’s guaranteed to be cheaper.  There’s no need to eat out everyday really, most of the time you’ll dine out for lunch or often dinner so why not cut back a little by having fresh and healthy fruit before your day starts.

Just keep Swimming, Just keep Swimming:

As with the gym, not all hostels and guest houses have the added bonus of a pool, but if yours does you should take full advantage.  It’s not often you get to swim in a pool every morning with the sun high in the sky, unless your rich, have your own or live in some exotic climate.  So make the most of it.  After your 30 minute gym session, get yourself into the pool for a few laps or even a mess around with friends.  Without realising it you will get fit and toned in a few short weeks.

A Lazy Girl's guide to staying in shape while you travel

Rent a bike:

A great way to stay in shape and see the sights at the same time is by opting for bike rental instead of a scooter, taking taxi’s or driving.  You would be surprised how quick it takes getting around the city on a bike.  Most times, in congested cities you actually beat the traffic.  You get to take in the sights, stop when you choose, maybe get lost a little and find some great unexpected cafe’s, streets and markets.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken us down some side street, gotten lost, had Janice crack up at me, only to find a quirky little restaurant, old book store or simply a quirky little street that we would never have chosen to see.  It happens a lot and they always turn out to be the highlight of our trip.  So next time you’re thinking about rending a car or taking a taxi, just remember that it pays to take a bike, not only for your healthy figure, your bank balance, or your potential to see some authentic sights but it helps cut back on your carbon footprint.

Carry Healthy Snacks:

I don’t know about you but sightseeing, cycling, and generally traveling seem to make me hungry at every opportunity.  To make sure we don’t snack on crappy, processed foods while traveling we always try to prepare our own in advance.  This is where the local fruit market will come in handy again.  Dried fruits, nuts and seeds are easier and less messy to carry when traveling.  Or if you have a sweet tooth you could alway look out for dates, paired with a little slice of cheese and you have yourself a culinary delight!  Being prepared means you won’t put on unnecessary pounds by choosing unhealthy options when you simply can wait any longer to eat.

Let yourself Indulge:

Let’s face it you’re on holiday, you want to enjoy yourself and sample the local sweats or delicacies now and again.  Even the most determined and disciplined have a slip now and then.  If you don’t let yourself indulge here and there, there will come a point where you binge eat just to cure the craving.  Allowing yourself that treat when you body craves it, in moderation of course, will help you avoid overindulging and piling on the pounds like we all tend to do on holiday.  I still don’t understand how anyone in this day and age believes those fad diets actually work.  The minute you start eating normally again, you pile back on twice the weight you lost.  Ditch the diet, eat healthy and let yourself have the yummy chocolate cake,  macaroon, mango pudding or whatever it may be. After all you’ve been working hard for this trip and you plan on enjoying it right?!

The Lazy Girls guide to staying in shape while you travel

A Lazy Girl’s guide to staying in shape while you travel

There you have it, you can stay fit while you travel by eating right, making a few healthy choices and doing the activities you love.  For a multitude of other exercises check out our Pinterest page.  Where there’s a will there’s a way.  If your keen to stay in shape without putting in the effort just keep moving, stay active, choose adventure activities, step out of your comfort zone and be conscious of your eating habits. There’s no way you can fail.

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