Hi,  Janine and Janice here…

We’re both Irish and both love to travel! We left Belfast, N.Ireland at the tender age of 18 for university in Scotland & we’ve been travelling the world since we graduated in 2008. Our travels haven taken us to all corners of the world from New Zealand to New Delhi.  Right now we’re living and working in Seoul, S.Korea as part time English Teachers and digital nomad enthusiasts!  Never a day goes by where we don’t check flights to someone new and talk plans of our next big adventure.

Never Stop Living ~ And we Live to Travel!!!

We always get asked “how can you two afford to travel so much?” or hear  “did you two rob a bank!?” but the answer is always the same.  We spend less traveling the world than most people spend living at home!  This is no secret anymore and now we see nomads everywhere, everyday quitting their jobs, finding a way to make travel their full time jobs to finally live the lives they only dreamed about.  We want that life and we plan to share our journey from Normal to Nomad so that we together can live an extraordinary life, full of freedom and adventure.

We may not be Nomads YET, but we are striving to be.

Let’s do this together!


Meet Janine

Meet Janine

Hi all, thanks for checking out our blog.  The reason I started Hitch Hiking In Heels was because I am extremely passionate about Travel.  Over the years as we’ve travelled to so many amazing countries and experienced amazing things it can be difficult to remember everything and share these moments with friends and family.  I wanted a platform that would not only give me the opportunity to reflect on our journey, but also allow our family back home to relate in some way to the life we live.

Through this blog we hope to share the best bits of the places we go and the attractions we see. We like to focus on the positives from our trips because these experiences inspire us to travel more and travel often.

There are a million blogs out there that give travel tips or ways to travel far for less.  We aim to share not only the budget options but also life’s little pleasures that sometimes cost more than we want, but in any case are worth experiencing.

Mostly we love to share our story through photography (courtesy of Janice) and soon through video’s and vlogs.  If you can travel to that destination of your dreams then at least you can experience it in some way through our eyes.

Meet Janice

Meet Janice

My beautiful other half and most definitely the brains behind our duo.  Janice has a passion for photography and loves to travel as much as me.  If you check out our Facebook albums and Instagram feeds you will see how much of a foodie she is and why she should probably set up a food blog of her own.  Thankfully she’s dedicated to becoming a Nomad as much as me and together we are working toward just that.

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Is It The Ride Yer After?

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