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About Us

Welcome to Hitchhikinginheels!

Hi, we’re Janine and Janice, & most recently Mrs & Mrs! We are both originally from Ireland, and have a serious case of Wanderlust! We graduated in 2008 and haven’t stopped travelling since! We have now travelled to almost 40 countries together. We intend to see as much of this beautiful planet as possible and to inspire others.

Early on we realised a 9-5 life was not for us and knew there had to be another way. We wanted freedom, adventure and to travel the world, on our own terms. After reading the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris, we were inspired and knew it was possible.

We quit our jobs (teaching English in South Korea), learnt to live with less and set up ‘home’ in Portugal, we can now work from our laptops anywhere in the world.

We want to inspire the Wanderlust in you and help you achieve your travel goals, all while ticking ours off too 🙂

The only regrets you have are the things you didn’t do. Work Smart, Travel Often & Explore More.