Anti-Tourism: Top European Cities telling Tourists to GO HOME!


Take back our City: Top European Cities telling Tourists to GO HOME! Anti-Tourism Europe.

We’ve all been there and seen how manic a city can get when mass tourism takes over.  You just need to look at popular cities like Paris and Rome to understand the explosion in tourism over recent years.

Is it any wonder locals are calling for an end to it?  I can see their point, to a certain degree of course. But then again, would they survive without tourism?

But in light of the recent Barcelona attack, maybe there’s more reasons mass tourism can pose a serious threat.

Before the attack it was clear to see that locals were taking to the streets to “take back their city”, fighting for a ban on mass tourism.  They are voicing their anger at rising house prices, overcrowded beaches, and generally at tourists making their cities unattractive for locals.

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Here are the top European Cities where locals are calling for “Tourists to GO HOME!

Anti-Tourism in Rome


With some shocking antisocial tourist behaviour such as paddling in the Trevi Fountain and climbing historic buildings for selfie’s,  local authorities in Rome (and many parts of Italy) are cracking down.

Anti-Tourism in Venice


Venice has been on the tourist radar for quite a few years with tourists flocking in numbers each year. Locals have resorted to hosing down steps of landmark buildings and churches in a bid to stop tourists loitering and leaving behind rubbish.

Earlier in the year locals overtook a rental apartment to drop a banner demanding the housing market change in favour of locals, not tourists!

With 20 million visitors annually, we can understand their anger! The city is becoming swamped with tourist busses, boats and trains, also having an environmental impact.

[Be prepared for protests if you plan to visit Venice any time soon!]

Anti-Tourism in Barcelona

Locals of Barcelona are letting out their anger to show just how much the mass tourism is “killing” their city.  Some have resorted to vandalising tourist busses and bikes with the hope of scaring tourists off.

Who knows if their tactics will work but Barcelona will continue to see anti-tourists protests in the city until things change for the better.

Anti-Tourism in Ibiza

Ibiza bech

The party town of Ibiza has seen a massive influx of drunken teens, partygoers and larger louts causing havoc on their streets for years.  But it’s only recently that locals have been making a stand.

As they fight back to regain their island, new laws are being introduced to cap the number of beds being sold as holiday lets.

Anti-Tourism in Majorca

The popular beaches across Majorca and Mallorca have become so crowded with tourists. One graffiti artist proclaimed:

“Tourist: Your Luxury Trip, My Daily Misery”

Large anti-tourist demonstrations have taken to the beaches to intimidate tourists, while others protest outside popular tourist restaurants. Some locals say they can no-longer afford to live in their hometown due to the rise in rent and many landlords opting for airbnb rentals over locals.

Anti-Tourism in Corfu


Locals say tourists are turning the Greek Island into a “dirty paradise” . Their once beautiful beaches and clean streets are being over-run with drunken teenagers “who fail to spend money on anything other than drink”.

Anti-Tourism in Magaluf

Magaluf Beach

The popular party town of Magaluf has been hit hard by masses of young holidaymakers looking for a good time.  Most developments cater to tourists, meaning locals struggle to keep up with the price increases.

Anti-Tourism in Lisbon

The Spanish aren’t the only ones kicking up a fuss over mass tourism.  The Portuguese are finding that Lisbon has become this years “hot spot”.  Furious locals have taken to the streets to voice their anger.

With rising rental costs, low wage rates for locals and overcrowded streets, locals are demanding major changes.

Thinking about visiting Lisbon?  Here’s 7 Reasons to Visit Lisbon!


Anti-Tourism in Dubrovnik

Take back our city

After it’s appearance on the popular show “game of thrones” Dubrovnik  fell victim to the latest mass-tourism wave.

Locals say they are being driven out of their city, with the old town now overrun with visitors.

In a bid to contain the masses, bans have been placed on the number of tourists entering the old town each day. But no-one knows if this will stop the tourists coming!

Anti-Tourism in Hvar

With it’s beautiful beaches and stunning coast lines it’s no wonder tourists are flocking to the Croatian city of Hvar.  But locals are fighting back with hefty fines and stricter rules to contain the masses.

Holidaymakers spend big money and account for a huge chunk of the cities GDP but at what expense, say the locals?

Anti-Tourism in Bilbao

Locals in Bilbao are voicing their anger at the changing face of the old city.  The Spanish town is gaining attraction with more visitors each year. Locals believe it is having a negative impact on their city.

With demonstrations, outbursts of frustration, locals are making a stand to recover their city.

Anti-Tourism in San Sebastian


“Tourists go home”

Is the slogan that most city walls adorn in the highly plagued tourists destination of San Sebastion. With over 2 million tourists in 2016, locals fear they will loose their city to “touristification”.

Anti-Tourism in Amsterdam


Meanwhile in Amsterdam, locals are taking matters into their own hands.  The staged a sit-down protest at an apartment block of’s CEO.

 “stop mass tourism”

Can be seen on many rental properties around the city in a bid to cut down on illegal tourist rentals.

This city is seeing far too many tourists in peak season and as a result, changing the streets of Amsterdam for the worse.


The main goal in their protests is to regain their cities to their former glory. They plan to eradicate the negative impacts of mass tourism and make life for locals more affordable.  It seems this new wave of anti-tourism is gaining headway and will soon spread across the continent.

But with tourism accounting for a large percentage of GDP in most European cities, will their protesting efforts be returned?  Who knows, but we can all play our part to make their lives a little easier by being a “responsible tourist”.

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What is your stance on this heated topic?  We would really love to get a feel for the general consensus.

Leave your comments below and share your views with us!


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