Ask the Expat. Munich Expat Advice.

Ask the Expat. Munich Expat Advice.

Munich Expat Advice, we asked Steven, an expat living in Munich, to share his knowledge on Life in Germany. Here’s what he had to say….

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Hi! I’m Steven Devlin,(TheSmoothieRunner) I’m a 34 year old Irish guy, living in Munich, Germany.  I have an awesome job here, brilliant home and circle of friends. I have now been in almost 50 countries since 2006, and plan to reach 100 in the next 3 years. Here’s my best bits of Munich!

1.What do you love most about Munich?

Incase anyone needed reminding, Bavaria or Bayern to the English speaking world has around 3-5 of the top 10 beers in the world. This coming from not only Germany but one state in Germany.

Most of the beer here, the rest of the world haven’t even heard about. It’s not exported, as it is to be served super fresh, so exporting would lose it’s quality. My favourites incase you venture my way are:

Tegernsee Braeu Bar -Tegernsee keller
Augustiner Braeu Bar – Ausgustiner keller
Hof Braeu Bar- Hofbrauhaus

Each of these beers has it’s own pub in the city, so if you want to drink them you go there. Namesake.  Other than beer, Munich has some of the best bread, cheese and yogurt in the world!! Don’t miss out!!

PROST! (Cheers in German)


2. Where’s your favourite hangout spot?

Olympiaberg. The Olympia Hill is located in the centre of the olympic park in Munich. (Where the 1972 olympics where held) The ‘olyberg’ as it’s known here sits proudly looking over the whole of park 36, where from the top you can peacefully sit, meditate, or simply Relax, and any direction see a Famous Munich Landmark.

To the North the world famous Allianz Arena, home of Bayern Munich FC is a sight at night when completely lit up! And to the South you have the whole of the Austrian, German and Swiss alps in all their glory. An incredible sight!

Other than this, and as a keen runner, I can be found at least 3-4 times a week running up the side of the Olyberg to the top. I normally repeat this a few more times before heading the 2 kms home.


Munich Expat Advice

3. What’s your biggest everyday challenge?

I find this, for some reason, quite difficult to answer without getting personal.  We all have challenges each day, although I prefer not to focus on problems and put my energy into the positives.

But if pushed for an answer, I would say my biggest challenge is maintaining my daily routine of meditation and stretching. I really want to do it regularly, but am often sidetracked by life and the speed of society these days. Quite paradoxical actually! But I hope this is an acceptable answer. hahaha

4. Recommend a local dish!

Though not everyones cup of tea, The Bayerish Breakfast has to be tried once at least.
It consists of two weisswurst (white sausages) with sweet mustard and a pretzel, sided with a weissbier (Wheat beer) served for breakfast. So before 10am!

Some of you may think, beer for breakfast? No way!  But trust me on this one, it’s a must. Your only doing it once and for the experience, plus it’s my Culture. Well half mine after living here five years.

I’m told by the locals I need a new passport. Not Irish, not Bayerish, but BayIrish

MAHLZEIT! (means eating time in German, said when eating is about to begin)


5. Recommend one word we should learn to live like a local?

Servus, which is always said with gusto, actually means “a lot”.  But mainly it’s used as hello and goodbye only in Bayern. If you say it anywhere else in Germany you’ll be looked at strangely.

When you see a friend, you would say hey SERVUSSS, and similarly when saying goodbye. When you arrive here, you’ll hear it a lot, and in the “Bayerish” accent. The Locals love it!



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6. Name a place of interest in or around Munich.

Well besides ‘The Oktoberfest’ (click here to read more on Oktoberfest!) which takes place the last 2 weeks of September and first week of October, and also the Alps, which are only 45 Mins drive away; I would recommend Visiting ‘Schloss Neuschwanstein’ (Neuschwanstein Castle).

This is the castle Disney modelled it’s castle at the beginning of the movies on. It’s an absolute dream to see in person. There are Buses leaving every morning from Hauptbahnhof (Central station) to the castle and it takes around 2-3 hours.

If you decide to rent a car, you could get there in 90mins.

Munich Expat Advice

7. What’s the best way to get around

Munich has an absolute world class transport system. Trains, Trams and buses run 24/7 and travel to everywhere you’ll ever need. They’re also very reasonably priced too. Not only that, but while the rest of Europe suffer during the snowy months, Munich’s transport system works like normal! Incredible system!

I will share a little secret tip for all those thinking of visiting Munich. Most have probably never heard of this, but it’s popular in Munich and is now spreading to other world cities.  BMW (Made in Munich) left around 300 brand new BMW cars all around Munich, fitted with gps, which you can hire.

Download the application ‘Drivenow.

Log on and it will direct you to the nearest car. You can use it to go anywhere in the city. I’ve never been further than 150 metres from one and the app will show you the car in a picture, colour, registration plate and how much fuel is in it. You simply walk up to the car, hover your pre registered card over the window screen and the doors open within 2 seconds… off you go!

It costs 32 cents a minute and the idea is to use it around the city instead of public transport. It costs about the same for me, plus I get to drive door to door in a brand new car every day. How amazing is that?!

So make sure the next time your in Munich you look it up!

8. Recommend a day trip!

I have mentioned them a few times now, but for good reason. They are the most beautiful mountains in the world for me, and only 45 minutes away from Munich on the Austrian border.
Take a day trip, and if you can, spend a night in a Bayerish hut in the mountains. One night in a hut will cost around 40 euros.

It’s a popular pastime for the Germans. They trek all day Saturday, arrive at the top, eat, drink and sleep under an absolutely clear and beautiful night sky. Then head for home the next morning. A nice way to spend the weekend.
I would recommend Rotwanhaus. Your starting point would be Spitzingsee, which can be reached by bus from Munich centre. It’s one of my favourites.

9. Where or what’s the best way to meet people?

In the Irish pub, like in any city around the world, you’ll always find friendly talkative and open people. The live music every night is also a bonus.

My Favourites here are Killian’s in the old town, and Kennedy’s which is great for food and live music.

If beer and live music aren’t your thing, then head in the direction of the local parks. There are group fitness meet up’s every few days, free of charge. Sometimes hundreds of people will meet and do pilates or yoga together! A great why to meet folk!

If your thinking of making the move to live and work in Munich, there is a great expat form called ‘Toytown‘. The name comes from Munich’s super low crime and high cleanliness.

This site is awesome! You’ll find hundreds of meet up’s, help with anything and things for sale. Generally people helping each other fit in and adjust to life in Munich.


10. And finally your words of wisdom on Munich Expat Advice…

I’ll leave you with this, my own personal quote.  “What I have come to learn is that opportunities and chases that are not taken, will flip from a positively mysterious possibility to a negative and unwanted certainty.”


If you want to hear more from me, you can find and follow me anywhere online. Google search:
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Psssst! Keep it quiet, but in the ‘more’ tab on my website you’ll get a free copy of my E-Book
‘The Smoothie Runners 3-day Detox Challenge”

Many thanks for reading

Steve AKA The Smoothie Runner


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    • Thanks very much Steven, we loved all your great info and tips for Munich! It definitely makes us want to go back soon!! I’m certain a lot of people will find it an interesting read. I’ll be making sure to look into ‘Drivenow’, next time we visit!! Thanks J&J

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