Biking Korea

Biking Korea

biking in koreaBiking Korea

Biking Korea (in and around that is) is becoming even more popular and it’s not surprising with more and more bike paths popping up and great routes to explore.  With such a demanding work culture in Korea, one needs to find a way to escape the stress of the working week ~ that’s where biking Korea comes in!


Our favourite route not to far from Seoul is the Paldang to Hangang route.  Taking the train from Cheongnyangni Station in the direction of Yongmun (Gyeongui-Jungang line) and getting off at Yangsu, Ungilsan or Paldang station will lead you directly onto the bike path.  You can hire bikes at Yangsu station for around 10,000won for a few hours.  But if you wish to cycle back to Seoul via the Hangang River, it’s best to bring your own.

The path looks relatively new and is quite popular for couples and bikers on weekends.  This route is actually part of the 4 ways river path which runs from Busan to Incheon.  There’s plenty of coffee, snacks and restaurant stops along the way making it a delightful ride and a great day away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul.


These pics were taken biking Korea on route from Chuncheon to Seoul….

Biking in Korea collage

Google maps will not show the many bike path routes available, so its best to download and use naver maps.  You will find it a struggle if you don’t read Korea just yet, but with little persistence, you will soon find it easy to navigate.

Nothing like the open road to clear the stress of the working week...

Nothing like the open road to clear the stress of the working week…


Another favourite that we recently discovered is Gapyeong to Chuncheon return.  This route is a very scenic and a great wee day of cycling.  We basically cycled in a giant loop, passing Chuncheon Station, in the opposite direction to Gapyeong and looping back round to reach Gapyeong again.

An interesting stop along the way is the skypark ~ a free experience not for those with height fright!

Skypark korea

It’s a long way down!!!

Getting there:

The Hangang River in the heart of Seoul can be your starting point for access to any of the cycle routes.  Each one offering a different scenic tour of the city limits and an escape from city life.

You can access almost any part of the city by bike using the many smaller routes that entwine the inner city.  If it’s a full days itinerary you’re looking for you can cycle from Seoul to Incheon (21 km) in around 1.5hrs, Seoul to Chunchon (110km) in around 6-7 hrs, Seoul to Gapyeong (94.9 km) in around 4-6 hours, depending on your level and ability.  With great access and little navigational skills needed, anyone can enjoy this outdoor activity.

For those of you who crave an extended biking adventure you can cycle the entire East Cost of Korea from Seoul to Busan (645km) taking in the wind and the waves of the beautiful beaches along the way.  Or if you prefer to soak up the countryside, you can opt for the 4 ways bike path that connect Seoul to Busan, through the centre of the country. We have done both and can honestly say each route is just as beautiful and rewarding as the next.



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