Blind Art Restaurant, Seoul. Dining in the Dark

Blind Art Restaurant, Seoul. Dining in the Dark

Blind Art Restaurant, Seoul.

Blind Art Restaurant, Seoul is a popular restaurant in Seoul. Dining in the dark restaurants are popular around the world and are originally from Switzerland.

Located in Konkuk University area, and impossible to find unless one is looking, Blind Art Restaurant offers two menu options. They are enjoyed or rather explored completely in the dark.

We suggest not to look at the menu in advance. Simply try to guess the meal and the food while it is being served.  It makes for a more adventurous night!

A blind clergyman from Zurich named Jorge Spielmann, is said to be the founder of blind restaurants.  Spielmann’s guests would eat with blindfolds to show solidarity when dining with their host.

Guests described the experience as more enjoyable with their sense of smell and taste heightened.  The first ‘dark restaurant’ was then opened in 1999.  Since then it’s become a hit around the world in countries like China, USA, Europe, Australia and Canada.

There’s not need for blindfolds in Blind Art Restaurant, Seoul


The place is completely black. Unlike the original ‘Blind Cow’ in Zurich, where all waitstaff are blind, all waitstaff in Blind Art Restaurant, Seoul wear infrared goggles.


It’s impossible to use any kind of cutely to eat.  The best way to eat is to feel your way around the plate, using your senses.

It’s inevitable Blind Art Restaurant, Seoul will become a hit.  If you didn’t already know ‘Blind Dating’ is a big deal in asian society.   It’s clear to see how this kind of restaurant would take off.  We can only imagine Blind Art Restaurant, Seoul becoming a great option for a first dates.

Dining in the Dark!

At the end of the meal guests will be presented with a pen and a piece of paper.  The waiter will instruct them to write a note without looking.  Trust me, it will be very amusing to see the secret notes at the end.  Some notes will be impossible to make sense of.

Release your inhibitions and enjoy the fun factor with friends or the other half at:

Blind Art Restaurant.

Dining in the Dark!


B1/F 2-49 Hwayang-dong, Gwangji-gu (Konkuk Station Exit 2, walk straight for 5-10 minutes looking up for the black sign on your left)

(Tel: 024975248) Email:

Opening hours are between 3:40pm & 10:40pm

There are two 90 minute sessions available: 1st=7-8:30 PM, 2nd=9-10:30 PM
Price: Gold meal=₩45,000, Silver meal=₩29,500
Set menus change each week. Reservation must be made in advance.


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