BMP Residence Trekking Tour

BMP Residence Trekking Tour

Hitchhikinginheels teamed up with BMP Residence Trekking Tour in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Read more and find out how they managed to trek their way through the depths of the jungle for 2 days and still manage to make it out alive!

Trekking for hours is a form of meditation in its own right, you are alone with your mind and nature. There is peace to that. It’s extremely hard to think straight when you’re busy living your everyday life that your mind almost doesn’t get the chance to wander or inspire.

Were we inspired after our BMP Residence Trekking Tour adventure?

YES we were and always are inspired to travel more, see more beautiful sights, visit more unspoiled lands,  meet new friends, interact with like minded people, learn and especially to grow!  Why not take a hike or go jungle trekking on your next holiday?  Here’s what you can expect from a jungle trekking tour with BMP Residence Chiangmai, Thailand.

BMP Residence Trekking Tour

Day 1 : Activities

We were not really sure what the trip consisted off and generally prefer to be surprised by things, rather than knowing exactly what is happening at what time and when. The first day consisted of joining up with another group, meeting our guide Nikko and setting off on our trekking adventure. In the morning, we trekked for a few hours in almost 40 degree heat! We walked through rice paddies, saw water buffalo’s, strode into villages, swam in waterfalls, ate lunch from banana leaves. The waterfall was an amazing way to spend a few hours in the afternoon relaxing and cooling off! After a few hours, we were off again in search for our tribe who would be hosting us that night.

BMP Residence Trekking Tour


Our accommodation consisted of 1 huge bamboo hut that was separated into sleeping arrangements for a couple with a mosquito net, we were in the jungle after all! We had no modern day luxuries, such as electricity or wifi – how would we survive the one night! Unfortunately our camera battery died and obviously we couldn’t charge it… therefore we didn’t take as much photo’s as we would have liked to from the trip. We dropped off our luggage and settled into our new home for the night.

Once we arrived at the village, we were greeted by members of the tribe. The tribe we stayed with were called the white Karen Tribe. The Karen tribe are originally from Myanmar and make up about 7% of the total Burmese population, and a huge number of them have immigrated to Thailand, especially northern Thailand. There are 3 different types of Karen tribes, most people are more familiar with the long-neck Karen tribe members. We learnt all about their history and way of life sitting around the campfire drinking moonshine, ( Thailand’s equivalent to Korean Soju or Japanese Saki)!! Fun times!

 BMP Residence Trekking Tour


In the evening, we had a chance to get to know everyone, exchange stories and hear other peoples journeys. The members of the tribe prepared a traditional Thai feast! The food they served were modest, simple but delicious thai dishes. We had stir fried vegetables with tofu, thai noodles mixed with vegetables, rice and green curry. (Red curry was meant for the menu, but our guide willfully admitted that he bought the wrong curry paste! So green curry it was!

BMP Residence Trekking Tour

Day 2 : Breakfast/Activities & More!

The next morning we were awoke with the crowing sounds of our on sight roosters (who needs an alarm clock)!

After a modest breakfast of toast, eggs and fresh fruit, we set off with all our belongings to trek again back through the jungle. The weather was hotter on the second day and the uphill climbs didn’t help either! But we made it! We survived and arrived at the much needed river, just in time to cool off and go rafting. We’ve been white water rafting, but this was rafting Thai style. We sailed down the river on rafts made of bamboo. We love how resourceful people can be in the East! The bamboo rafting lasted over an hour and had to be the highlight of the trip for me! We were on the water for at least 1 and a half – 2 hours. We got the chance to have a go at steering the raft, interacted with the locals along the river and got an insight into how the locals spend their afternoons.

The tour overall was a great experience, we got to see a side of Thailand that we had never seen before.  It was  fascinating to get an insight into the Northern Thai culture, and the great outdoors in another country. Luckily for us we had our mosquito repellent, and you will need it because you are totally surrounded by miles and miles of jungle when you choose to go jungle trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand.

We would definitely recommend taking part in a BMP Residence Trekking Tour and experiencing the simple life for a night or two!

Tour Details:



2 day 1 night tour = 2200baht p.p (43 GBP or 63 USD)(at the time of writing)

3 day 2 night tour is 2800 baht p.p (56 GBP or 80 USD)(at the time of writing)


2 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast

1 nights accommodation

Elephant ride (optional) We didn’t take part in this activity – see why here!

Bamboo Rafting Experience

Pick up/Drop off

All transport to / from trekking

English Speaking Guide


Have you been Jungle trekking in Chiangmai or anywhere else in Northern Thailand? Let us know about your experience!


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