Boracay: First Impressions & What you can expect.

Boracay: First Impressions & What you can expect.

First Impressions of Beautiful Boracay…

Boracay: First Impressions & What you can expect. You only ever get to see the magical pictures of the beach life and the tropical waters of Boracay when you google search. But the truth is, you are welcomed by a very different side to Boracay when you initially step foot off the boat at the jetty.

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The Real Boracay!

My first impression was; have I come to India again by mistake?! But I reminded myself that I was still in Asia after all. Spoilt by metropolitan Seoul, you forget just how the majority live.

The innocence of day to day living, trying to compete with the every changing landscape sends a streak of guilt running through you as you pass by, on route to luxury beach front condo’s and private villas.



But the truth is, the Island of Boracay still shows signs of the early life. A step back from the beach and you are transported back, to when fishing and coconut trade remained the only link to the outside world.

Boracay: First Impressions & What you can Expect.

Fishermen gather their beautifully hand crafted boats and nets in the early hours, while the rest of us sleep. Thatched houses stand proud next to ongoing construction of mega condo’s and multi million dollar hotels.

Children innocently play with each other, sharing ice cream. The colours of simple living reflect off the tropical shores as the sound of waves crash against the sands.

Simple living it may be, but kindness and compassion are more prevalent here on this little Island than l’ve seen in North East Asia.

Regardless of the poverty and the simple living, Filipino’s remain some of the friendliest people I have encountered. Their zest for life, welcoming nature and trustworthy characteristics, make exploring Boracay all the more enjoyable.

It makes you wonder if minimalism is what we all need a little more of, to remind us all how to co-exist peacefully.

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My first impressions were misguided due to my own ignorance, but I welcomed all that Boracay and it’s people had to offer.  It’s fair to say that I truly experienced paradise in all its glory.

I am still not sure if this once sleepy untouched Island is better or worse. But it has arrived on the International travel circuit! It’s clear to see that it’s only growing in popularity and will continue to feature in many more travel publications to come.

I was excited to arrive then and I am excited to see what it will offer when our paths cross again in the future.

Until then, I hope you found this [Boracay: First Impressions & What you can Expect] article useful.  Leave a comment, let us know what your impressions arriving or leaving this little slice of paradise were like.

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