Boracay…The Price of PARADISE?

Boracay...The Price of PARADISE?

Boracay Budget…The Price of PARADISE?

Located approximately 350km south of Manila (The capital) and one of approximately 7,000 Islands that make up the Philippines, Boracay is considered a truly tropical Island.

It has won numerous awards from various travel publications, and all for great reason.

The White sand beaches of Boracay are truly magical and add to the relaxed vibe that Boracay has to offer.  With mainly Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese tourists travelling to the Island in hordes, it can get a bit crowded.

But there is plenty of beach to go around and numerous secluded spots to find your tranquility.

Living in Seoul, South Korea, Boracay is one of the closest beach hot spots.  Since we get very short vacations as an English teacher, our options are limited.  Naturally we chose here for our one week vacation.

We did a little research before the trip and most things we came across or people we’d spoke to, raved about Boracay.  They particularly mentioned how cheap it was.

Obviously everyone’s idea of cheap varies, but when you hear a rough estimate of $23 a day Boracay Budget is possible, to me that’s a cheap price for paradise.

We should have really explored in detail what exactly this budget covered.  For me, after reviewing our normal spending habits, a Boracay Budget of $23 a day would not be realistic for us.

In our opinion, a Boracay Budget of $23 a day was certainly not a realistic one for us in 2015 and would certainly not be in 2017!




NOTE: When travelling long-term we do tend to budget hard and avail of the free activities and low cost options.

Maybe $23 a day would be realistic on this occasion.

As a couple, travelling, we do also like to splash out on a nice meal at least one or two nights. So you can choose to erase this from the final budget if its not something you would not normally do.

We stayed on the Island of Boracay for 6 nights in total. That’s 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinners (due to travelling back on the 6th day).

Mostly we ate in the main areas off white beach and other popular tourist beaches due to convenience. But we did venture out a little when we felt to much like tourists.  I would say this increased our budget automatically by roughly 50%.

When travelling long-term we would definitely not do this!

As a tourist, most people choose to eat in the restaurants on the beach or right in the heart of the tourist strip. It’s worth it  just for that view alone.

I get it, they are convenient, offer luxury and look clean and appealing. But personally I think these are always tourist traps and tend to avoid them like the plague. An influx of people, means an influx in prices and in most cases never value for money.


BUDGET: Lets break it down.

So here’s a rough look at some of the things we spent our money on and the average price you would expect to pay.

A mango shake averaged 180PHP
A Local Beer on white beach averaged 90PHP
A large Water from a convenience store (depending on where) cost 45-65PHP
A Coffee averaged 120PHP
Breakfast for one (including coffee) in a white beach restaurant averaged 300-400PHP
Lunch for one on white beach averaged 300-400PHP
Dinner for one in one of the many restaurants along white beach averaged 500PHP
A sunrise cruise lasting 30 minutes averaged 300PHP
An (4-5 hr) Island Hopping Excursion from a vendor on white beach averaged 1000PHP
A massage for 1 hour averaged 400-450PHP
Paddle Boarding (1hour) on white beach averaged 400PHP
Water Kayaking @ Puka beach averaged 400PHP
Bike Rental for 1 day averaged 500PHP

At the time of travelling the exchange rate for the PHP (Philippine Peso) was:

100PHP = 1.40 GBP / 2.19 USD / 2.55 KRW

If you break it down into days and calculate your Boracay Budget for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as drinks, an excursion and maybe one activity per day, it will look like this.

Daily Boracay Budget Breakdown
Breakfast Eggs Benedict & Mango Shake Sunnyside Cafe (Boat Station 3) 480 PHP
Lunch Sandwich & Iced Coffee Lemon Cafe (D’Mall) 450 PHP
Dinner Filipino Specialty Dish Popular Filipino Restaurant (Boat st 2)  450 PHP
Drinks 1 Coffee3 Beers1 Bottle of Water local cafeWhite beach barConvenience store 120 PHP270 PHP50 PHP
Activity Paddle Boarding White beach (st 2) 400 PHP
Excursion Sunset Cruise White beach (st 1/2/3) 300 PHP
Total: 2520 PHP ($55)

In most cases you wouldn’t do an excursion every day.  Maybe you would eat in your apartment one or two times for either breakfast or lunch too.

But you might also have a few more beers than average one or two nights and you might snack during the day or do a bit of shopping.

Note: This is also not taking into account your accommodation per night.

Regardless of the price and your Boracay Budget. It is paradise!

Can you really put a price on paradise?


If your thinking of going and you do want to do it on the cheap, check out our next post Boracay on a Budget.  All you need to know to save on those $$$, next time you arrive on the Island of Boracay!


Filipinos speak and understand English well, so you will have no trouble communicating with even the older generation.  But if you want to impress, use these little Filipino phrases to get you some brownie points and even a little discount.

  • Kumusta Ka (hello)
  • Salamat (thank you)
  • Diskuwento Pakiusap (discount please)
  • Paalam (bye)

Also check out our Facebook page and Instagram for snap shots of our trip ~ see for yourself how beautiful the Island is!





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