Capsule by Container Hotel Review: Kuala Lumpur Airport

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Capsule by Container

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I have always wanted to stay in a capsule hotel.  I heard a lot about them in Japan, but the majority were catered towards men, meaning us women would never get the chance to stay in one.

I’ve no idea what my fascination was, with sleeping in this type of hotel when such confined space would more than likely result in claustrophobia.

Capsule by Container

The Rooms


For me it was a chance to experience something new, a new way of sleeping and a cool night’s stay at a unique hotel or hostel.  This was definitely the end result in Capsule by Container!

When I found out there was a capsule hotel in Kuala Lumpur Airport and we just happened to have a 16 hour lay over on route to Thailand I jumped at the chance to stay, immediately booking two beds, once our flights were confirmed.

Kuala Lumpur AirportCapsule Hotel Review

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It was late when we arrived and immediately we realised the hotel was fully booked.  The long line of customers hoping to get a bed and were out of luck, were starting to show signs of irritation.

Luckily for us we had reserved well in advance, and while I was super happy we had, I felt a little sorry for all those travellers in transit, now without a bed.

Open Reception Area

Capsule by Container

The friendly receptionist who greeted us, ready with speech on their lack of rooms, immediately proceeded with our check in once presented with our voucher.  She welcomed us with refreshments, toothbrushes, towels and slippers, showing us to our lockers and beds.

In capsule by container hotel the women and men are separated into two separate dwellings.  This is the norm in a muslim society and so we were not surprised in the slightest.

Capsule Hotel Review

Private Sanctuary

As we entered the female section, we could feel the calm atmosphere with most of the guests already sleeping.  Our beds were hidden behind a pull down blind, sectioned off by thin wooden walls inside a converted shipping container.

I was loving it! The cool design and layout of the place made for a really quirky environment.  Anyone who knows me knows I love up cycled furniture, so my mind was immediately on craftwork overdrive, thinking of all the possible things I could convert when I got home!

Kuala Lumpur AirportCapsule Hotel Review

Surprisingly, the beds and the cubicles were very spacious.  I am only 5t tall so I suppose this may not be the case for everyone.  The beds were spotless and super comfy and each guest was provided with two comfy pillows and warm blankets.

They were also super compact and came equipped with; pull out desks, night lamps, outlets for charging your phone or devices and a pull down blind for privacy.  What more could you want?….Oh yes Sleep!!

Down time!

Kuala Lumpur AirportCapsule Hotel Review

When we finally couldn’t sleep anymore we decided to make use of the uber cool rest area, complete with communal library.  This quiet corner decorated with converted pallets, iron framing, cozy poofies and a view that overlooked the airport, was a great spot for getting over jet lag.

Kuala Lumpur AirportCapsule Hotel Review

Kuala Lumpur AirportCapsule Hotel Review

You will find toilets and showers available in each unit allowing you to freshen up before your next flight.  This is a great option for frequent flyers, backpackers and anyone who just wants to experience a capsule stay like me!

This super stylish, carefully converted world of containers is the perfect spot to get much needed zzz’s during a layover.  I was thrilled to stay here in my very own capsule, ticking off another check on my bucket list.

In transit solutions…

Kuala Lumpar Airport

It just goes to show, that being in transit does not always equal long uncomfortable layovers, sleepless nights and expensive hotel stays.  Situated right inside the airport, Capsule by Container Hotel is the perfect choice for your next stop-over in Kuala Lumpur!

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Capsule by ContainerIf we happen to have a layover in Kuala Lumpur Airport again, we will most definitely be booking our rooms in advance.

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There are three time slots you can choose to sleep at Capsule by Container; 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours.  Unfortunately you cannot stay any longer than 12 hours and so you should think about this when selecting your check in time!


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