Dreamlining: The Key to Success

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What is Dreamlining?

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I first came across the term dreamlining after reading “the four hour work week” by Tim Ferris.  It’s a technique used to turn your dreams into a reality with a simple step by step plan that will actualise your dreams.

The different between dreamlining and goal setting is that you start out with your most ‘unachieviable’, ‘unrealistic’ dreams and eventually turn them into achievable ones!

After listening to a motivational video by Earl Nightingale on Youtube, the phrase “don’t be a ship with no convoy” played like a broken record over in my mind.

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A ship with no convoy is like action without a plan. With no destination or direction of where you are headed, you end up lost at sea.  Since then I’ve made it my mission to know where I’m going, set out a plan and work toward everything I want in life.

All successful people have goals and those goals include an idea of where they want to get to and what they see in the future. We’ve all heard of “the laws of attraction”, in that if you see something and truly believe in it, you can make it happen.

Dreamlining is similar in a way that you think about all the things you really want or wish for and you set about making a plan, visualising your end goal and turning those dreams into reality.

Working out the logistics, gathering facts and figures and believing anything is possible is the true success behind dreamlining.

So how is it done?

With this simple step by step guide you can have your dreamline drawn up in a few hours. It’s what comes after that really counts. For this you’re going to need a few markers, a large blank sheet of paper, (We used a blank canvas so we could hang it on our wall) a computer, phone or tablet with internet connection and not forgetting a glass of wine or a cup of tea!

You can choose to dreamline on your own goals or you can do it as a team/ couple or family. Just make sure that whom ever you do it with, has similar goals and dreams for the future.

Task 1: Make a decision.

Decide what is it you want! Decide the lifestyle you want to lead. Choose the house or the flashy car. Choose the holidays three times a year or maybe ten times if thats your dream.

Choose the destination you see yourself in. Is it a big city apartment or a house by the beach. Maybe it’s overlooking a lake in Queenstown or Switzerland. Whatever it may be that you want and desire, need or imagine, write it down on your dreamline.

Task 2: Make a plan.

The next step is working out exactly how much it’s all going to cost. Do the research! How much will those holidays cost? What are the house prices in your dream destination?

How much spending money would you like and what’s it going to cost to feed your luxury “dining out’ lifestyle?
Work out exactly how much each and every aspect of your dreamline is and write it down.

For example, if you’ve always wanted to do a camper van trip around New Zealand for 3 weeks, write down exactly the cost of the flight (use sky scanner or google flights), research how much the camper van hire will be for 3 weeks – write that down too, work out how much gas you will need, a budget for food and for spending money.

At the end you will have a lump sum which you can then divide into monthly budgets and be one step closer to your dream destination.

Task 3: Break it down.

Once you’ve collected all the figures you might start to doubt the reality of this new found dream life. So next what you want to do is break these figures down into manageable monthly figures.

Working out the figures in this way, you can start to see your dream lifestyle becoming a realistic goal. You now know exactly how much you need, on a monthly basis, to live your dream lifestyle.

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Now what?!

Make shit happen!

Now it’s time to figure out how you are going to make shit happen. You should now realise that you don’t actually need that much to make it all conspire. That dream lifestyle probably doesn’t seem that far away, now that you’ve broke it down.

But you now need to figure out how you’re going to make it happen. This is probably the hardest part. You know what you want, now you need to go get it!
Get creative! If you need some inspiration read our previous post on how we saved £25,000 in just one year.

A note to remember:

What’s important while you are working towards your goal is that you keep your dreamlike visible. Looking at it everyday and reminding yourself what it is you want will make those sacrifices easier. When you have a tough day or your motivation is at an all time low, refer to your dreamline.

Tell yourself it will all be worth it once you achieve it all and start to live your dream lifestyle.

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We started our dreamline this month. It’s never too late to start yours!



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