Elf Spa Ski Resort, Phoenix Park, Korea.

Elf Spa Ski Resort, Phoenix Park, Korea.

Elf Spa Ski Resort, Korea.

One of our favourite things to do in Winter in Korea has definitely got to be snowboarding. One of our favourite resorts is Pheonix Park in Pyeongchang. It’s not surprising then, that we choose Elf Spa Ski Resort to retreat to, after a long day on the slopes.

Phoenix Park has such a cool kid vibe going on! Head to  Pheonix Park Ski Resort if you want to do something fun and memorable for New Years Eve. Without giving too much away, they do something pretty spectacular at midnight.  This is followed by a great fireworks display right on the slopes.

When I think of Skiing or boarding, my mind takes me to a cute, quaint little town nestled up in the alps somewhere with cosy log cabins.

Goodstay Elf Spa Resort is Korea’s equivalent! It’s whimsical and eccentric designs make it appealing and charming.  Just the right vibe needed to bring in a new year on the slopes.

Our stay at Goodstay Elf Spa Resort, Korea!

Located in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Provence, Elf Pension is roughly 3km from Pheonix Park Ski Resort. For me it was just the perfect distance, close enough to enjoy the short walk in (30 minutes) and far enough to feel isolated with the surrounding nature and fresh air. The view from our room was of unspoilt rugged mountains. Bliss!

Once we arrived at Pheonix Park Resort, we had arranged for picked up by Elf Pension, a service offered only at check in. A short drive through the small town past numerous coffee shops, BBQ restaurants and Ski rental shops, we arrived at the resort.

The perfect distance from the slopes to soak up the surrounding area

Catering for both couples and families there are numerous facilities to keep you entertained (especially the kiddies). There’s a seasonal pool (which was more like an ice rink in winter), sledding area, playground, small farm, waterfall and mountain trails leading all the way to Tagisan Mountain nearby.

There’s a mini mart for essentials like ramen and soju, and if your feeling like a quite night in there are plenty of board games and consoles to avail of.

Approaching our themed room, we noticed a little sign with my name on the door – a nice little personal touch! Our couple room was modern but quirky.

The huge octagon shaped roof made me feel like I was spending the night in a lighthouse. It was equipped with a table and chairs and cooking facilities if you prefer to cook in. (rice cooker, microwave, 2 hobs, pot & pans etc.)

Our stay at Goodstay Elf Spa Resort, Korea!

Those of you on a short vacation and not living in Korea, will not understand the sheer joy felt when discovering the bathtub.

But if like us you haven’t so much as stepped foot in one for over 13 months ago, you will appreciate the simple things in life! Great for relaxing and soothing the aching muscles after a longs day on the slopes!

Elf Spa Ski Resort

Each room at Elf Pension comes with an outdoor terrace, picnic bench and BBQ. Perfect for alfresco dining, even in winter.

Elf Pension offer a BBQ set with various packages ranging from 12,000 won to 39,000 won p.p plus 15,000 for the charcoal set which gets delivered straight to your room!

Although we didn’t avail of the BBQ, I’d say it was reasonably priced and well worth it. If that’s not your thing, there’s the option of a buffet at the restaurant on site for 7,000 won p.p. Something to suit everyone!

Our stay at Goodstay Elf Spa Resort, Korea!

Brownie Points

An extra plus for us was that the room came with free breakfast, a choice between 3 options. Delivered to your room the following morning felt like room service without the hassle of ordering room service! A nice little touch when your tired and hungry from all the skiing.

Our stay at Goodstay Elf Spa Resort, Korea!  Top Tip

To have a car is not essential to stay here, but it would be beneficial as a one way taxi to Pheonix Park costs around 14,000 won.  Elf Pension is a great place to escape the crowds on the slopes, you could easily spend a full day just relaxing and exploring the surroundings if your muscles needed a break from Skiing!

With beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air, it’s a great place to stay all year round, not just in Winter. A perfect blend needed to awaken the senses and forget city life for a night or two.

It had the magical, enchanted feeling for that time of year, especially with the fresh coat of snow from the night before.

Hitchhikinginheels gives Elf Pension 4 out of 5 heels for our stay!

If you’ve stayed at Goodstay Elf Spa Resort before, we’d love to hear your thoughts or if you’re planning it and have any questions – drop us a line below!


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