How To [Quit Your Job And Travel] The World

How To [Quit Your Job And Travel] The World

Dreams a reality

Will 2017 be the year that you quit your job to follow your dreams?

Deciding to quit your job and travel the world full time is not an easy decision and certainly not one we took lightly. But it has been long overdue for us and so we decided that now is the right time.

We have some major events coming up this year that will potentially drain our savings but we realised if we don’t make the executive decision to quit our jobs this year, then something just as important and just as expensive will crop up next year and in fact there will never be a right time to quit your job and travel the world in order to follow your dreams.

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Is there ever a perfect time to quit your job and travel the world?

With extensive research, we found this answer to be a reoccurring NO!

Or at least for each individual that point in your life will differ and the right time will present itself if you only let in the thought and take action.

So for us 2017 was that year in which we set a plan in motion and took that major leap of faith to quit our jobs and travel the world.

Most people habitually wait for the “time to be right” to start doing something worthwhile. Do not wait. The time will never be “just right” – Napoleon Hill

Almost 10 years ago we both chose to travel around the world straight out of university. This decision changed our lives completely. After graduating, the recession had just begun in the UK, jobs were not as secure as they used to be and the opportunities available to young graduates were limited.

We could not have chosen a better time to travel and escape the downward working spiral. After a 15 month backpacking trip, we came home with this new found freedom and a lust for a more unconventional life. I guess you could say this is when the seed was planted in both of us and from that point on we made small steps to be able to travel full time.

Quit your Job and Travel!

Moving to Korea was another big step we took and have never looked back. Arriving in 2010, for us, it was just another means to travel further. It was here that our mindsets began to shift completely.

We started to realise that it’s not about how much money you MAKE, it’s about how much money you SAVE. We began to live a more frugal life, spending less and saving at least 50% each of our earnings. By doing this we were able to take long extended, ‘once in a lifetime’ style trips that many people only dream of once retired.

Which by that stage, you probably won’t physically be able to accomplish those dreams.  From this point on another seed was planted and we would often ask each other.

“How amazing would it be if we could just live this lifestyle forever”????!!!!!

“be rich in memories, not possessions”

Our minimalist lifestyle is constantly a work in progress and we have now reduced our worldly possessions to a single carry on suitcase each (ok so what if the majority of our possessions are in our parents attic!!!). We realised fast that we don’t actually need a lot to be happy and enjoy life and that we would rather travel than possess “things”.

“In the end it’s only really memories that you will be left with so why not make sure you have enough to last another lifetime”. HHIH

The reality is that in this day and age it’s not a requirement to endure a static job, behind a computer, at a desk. The world is changing. With the technological advances we can work from anywhere and do the same job if not more efficient, from anywhere in the world. A location independent lifestyle is now possible more than ever before.

‘The 4 hour work week’ by Tim Ferris has infamously become the bible for this type of lifestyle, inspiring all ages to ditch their day jobs, or even just become more hands off, freeing up your time to do the things you are passionate about.

And that’s essentially what we’ve chosen to do. This book, The 4 hour work week highlights that anyone can choose to work from anyplace, anywhere by simply redefining your skills.  If you succeed in this you will find the joys of living a location independent lifestyle.

We all know life is very short, these past few years alone have shown me just that, after losing loved ones. When you compare it with the endless countries there are to explore and the ever growing number of opportunities available to us in terms of travel and adventure, you realise there is just not enough time and so why wait. We decided it was time to see and do as much as possible right now!

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We want the option of enjoying our free time snorkelling in amazing destinations, hiking far and wide, biking to remote areas and savouring all the flavours on offer, everyday, not just for the average 2-3 weeks holiday per year.

We don’t dismiss a routine lifestyle in the slightest. We are simply saying it’s not our destiny. And if you’re reading this you must be slightly interested in what it would be like to have the freedom to travel full time.

But a lot people would hate a life of full time travel, constantly in motion, living out of a suitcase.  But for us, we love it! We love waking up in a new country with tourist eyes, getting lost and finding something surprising off the beaten track, eating delicious delicacies we would never have the opportunity to try in our home country, capturing the memories, making new friends and being inspired by it all on a daily basis.

Not having your own bed to go home to is definitely a downside, but waking up to do it all again in a new destination outweighs this small insignificant detail!

Once you quit your job to live a location independent lifestyle you can choose to slow travel, hopping from one place to another living month to month or even more if you choose.

Some nomads like to move faster spending a few days in one place, moving on and covering as many countries as possible in a short time.  There are so many unique ways to travel these days, your options are endless.

Another dream of ours is to live in a Camper van and travel to as many countries as possible on one big road trip of a lifetime!  I was definitely born with the gypsy gene! Living a location independent life, this kind of dream suddenly can become a reality.


Quit your Job and Travel!

We are constantly inspired by the people we meet, the places we visit and the friends we make along the way.

And for us it seems the more we actively pursue this goal of travelling full time and living a location independent lifestyle, the more we come into contact with like minded people willing to offer guidance and words of wisdom on how it works for them.

Deciding to quit our jobs and travel the world seems to have been the hardest part so far. Making that conscious decision to finally do it allowed us to set a plan in action, make significant sacrifices and become more passionate about achieving our goal.

We have nothing to loose if it all doesn’t work out but there’s that familiar saying “those who think they can’t, won’t, and those who think they can, will.”

– Henry Ford

There are so many reasons why we chose to quit our jobs and travel the world and I’m sure you could come up with a few yourself. Making sure the time is right, thinking things through carefully and taking that leap of faith in which to make your dreams a reality are all you really need.  “Choose your destiny before it chooses you” Author unknown. 

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By us writing and publishing this blog post, we are also making ourselves accountable for living a location independent lifestyle and we plan on making this a reality.

In Part 2, we’ll share how to make money online, where to look and how to get jobs that will let you travel the world at the same time.


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