How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka!

How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka!




I mean what else for it, you are in Japan….The first thing you should do is EAT!  Try the delicious weird and wonderful foods, slurp the mouth watering noodles and indulge in the delightful Sushi.  There are a number of places I would recommend finding, simply to make sure you don’t leave Fukuoka without trying.


The first is a chain called Ichirin.  It is located at various spots around the city and very easy to find by looking on any tourist map.  You enter and are presented with not a waiter to show you your seat but a vending machine, where you select your food, pay your bill and enter under a fabric curtain hanging from the wall (typical Japanese Style).

How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka

The seats are individual stools placed at a ‘bar’ like counter with individual shutters for privacy.  Once you ring the bell a waiter/waitress will arrive on the opposite side of the bar and take your ticket.  You will not see a face, all you see are hands serving delicious noodles!  Yes a unique experience indeed!  When your food arrives the shutters will close and you will be alone with your selected bowl of noodles.

How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka

Maybe this is intentional because when I say they are “the best noodles I have ever tasted”, I mean “the best noodles I have ever tasted” and a moment alone with them is not a bad thing at all.  In my case I like to share everything with Janice and so we opened our little partition to enjoy the meal together! Ahhhhhh

We pretty much ordered the same dish but we definitely had the same opinion when it came to taste, and this is the reason you simply must try it, at least once!


How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka

Yatai Street Vendors

For more noodle options and fried foods you can try Yatai Street which comes alive on the banks of the river leading to Canal City at around 6pm.  Each street vendor will have various noodle dishes as well as sushi, fried foods and even some sake if you want something to warm you up.  It’s a great spot and the noodles are just as delicious as any restaurant.

“Yatai” means “shop stand” in Japanese.  We tried Hakata Ramen (a local noodle dish featuring relatively thin ramen noodles in a pork bone based soup (tonkotsu)) It was delicious!!!!  A lot of the vendors will serve family recipes passed down, making each dish somewhat unique in flavour.  Definitely worth a try!

How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka

Ramen Stadium

If you find yourself shopping all day at Canal City Shopping Complex in Hakata, then you will definitely want to make a trip to the 5th floor in search of Ramen Stadium.  Raman is a typical noodle dish in Japan and here you will find various vendors selling all types of ramen dishes.  Again you will pay using the vending machines in advance, presenting your tickets for your food.

How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka!


Fukuoka is somewhat a sleepy city with a some nice parks to relax in, lazy canals flowing through the streets and a number of temples to explore and you can experience some authentic Japanese culture if you want it.

Ohori Park

This is one of the biggest parks in central Fukuoka and a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.  There are a number of coffee shops dotted around a lake, with runners, play parks and even a few row boats to enjoy the views from the water.  While you are here you can also check out Fukuoka Castle Shiomi Tower, which is a historical landmark.

How to get there: Subway – Get off at Ohori Koen Station.

Fukuoka Tower

How to spend three days in Fukuoka

Being the tallest structural building in Fukuoka, Fukuoka Tower generates a lot of tourism each year.  Standing at 234m tall, it is said to be the tallest seaside tower in Japan.

Momochi Seaside Park

Situated in the Momochihama area; a stone’s throw from the beach, this is a cool place to spend the day if the weather is nice.  Grab an ice cream or a takoyaki, hit the beach and catch some rays. If you’re feeling ravenous you can even enjoy a fancy Italian meal right at the water.


How to get there: Subway – Get off at Tojinmachi Station and walk for around 15 minutes. (Fukuoka Tower & Momochi Seaside Park are both signposted from the station)

Tocho-ji Temple

How to spend three days in Fukuoka

How to spend three days in Fukuoka

Situated within walking distance to each other in the Hakata district, Shinto shrine and Tocho-Ji Temple are excellent sites to see to experience traditional Fukuoka.  Marvel at the ancient structures or experience a traditional ceremony either way you will leave feeling very mellow and somewhat calm.

How to get there: Subway – Get off at Gion Station and it’s a 500 metre walk to the grounds.


How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka!

Shop till you Drop!

There are plenty of shopping malls to feed any shopaholics addition in Fukuoka, and with tax free shopping in almost all of them you won’t be able to resist buying some designer goods or at least some green tea flavoured kit-kats.

Hakata Area

Hakata station is located in the largest shopping complex in Fukuoka and will almost certainly take you all day to navigate it if you want to visit every shop.  You can even watch a movie on the 6th floor is you have time to spare or you find yourself there on a rainy day.

How to spend three days in Fukuoka

 How to get there: Subway – Get off at Hakata Station

Canal City Shopping Complex

Canal City shopping complex (not too far from Hakata Station) is another great option for shopping.  Here you will find names like Zara, H&M as well as a number of Japanese brands and tourist shops.  Stock up on Japanese Sake or weird and wonderful Japanese snacks.

How to get there: Subway – Hakata Station, from here its around a 15 minute walk.


If you stay closer to Tenjin, you will also find a number of shopping complexes close to the station as well as the wonderful maze of underground alleys filled with shops and everything you need. You will find great shopping here and prices vary depending on the store and brand.  But beware, you could spend the whole day here walking around getting lost!

How to get there: Subway – Get off at Tenjin Station.


When you’re done eating, shopping and sightseeing the only thing left to do is get drunk on sake and sing!  Japanese singing rooms are just as fun as Korean “norebangs” and a great way to end the night!

How to Spend Three Days in Fukuoka!


If you’ve got to wait around for a visa the least you can do is embrace the new city and have fun for a few days!!



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