How to Squeeze the most out of a City Break

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How to Squeeze the most out of a City Break

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We can all agree that weekends away are bittersweet. Day One, you arrive, unpack and spend half the day planning what to do for the next two days. Day two, you run around the city trying to take in as many sights as possible.

Day three, you re-pack , check out and if you’re lucky you have a few hours spare to take in last minute sights before it’s time to leave for the airport again. By the time you get home, you’re that exhausted from running around, exploring, travelling, packing and unpacking, you could actually do with another holiday just to relax!

However, it is still possible to create time for pleasure. Planning your trip days in advance, strategically thinking about a few vital ingredients can ensure you find some time for fun without the exhaustion.
Here’s how you can do that;

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Prioritise Your Sightseeing 

A weekend is short, and you will therefore have no time for rest. Research is crucial when it comes to organising any type of travel, but if you’re in a time crunch, it is even more important.

Before you go, do your research on all the interesting things to do in the city. Make a short list of every place you’d like to visit, from the museums to the restaurants, then prioritise according to the amount of time you have. Let’s face it, you wont be able to do it all. So taking the time to think about what you can cross off your list will result in a great ‘shorter’ list of sights or activities you can actually manage.


Be Very Strategic About the Location of your Hotel 

It’s much easier to squeeze in some free time if your hotel is situated in a good location. Think about your short list, as well as any restaurants you intend to eat at, and then book your hotel accordingly.

You will most likely spend more on your hotel if most of the sights are located in the centre of town or a tourist location. But it makes sense to book a hotel closer to your desired attractions. You have more money than time when it comes to weekends away. Reducing commute times from each venue or attraction can seriously reduce the exhaustion and make your trip more pleasant. You have to ask yourself what’s more important?

Plan where to eat in advance & make a reservation 

For most people this one will sound absurd, how can you know where to eat before you even arrive into the city? But knowing where and when you eat dinner, both the Friday and Saturday, can seriously help squeeze the most out of your trip.

This doesn’t apply to lunch, unless you’re a ‘brunch’ kind of girl and this meal is important to you. (as it is to us!) In most cases lunch on the go or in a local restaurant will suffice. Dinner on the other hand is important.

Think about it; you have a reservation at a restaurant for 7pm in a central location. On your shortlist of things to see you have two attractions in the same area. You can plan ahead, at what time you will actually visit these sights to allow time for dinner and maybe see a show after, if that’s something that interests you.

Knowing exactly what time you have a table booked, forces you to think ahead when it comes to scheduling your itinerary. Knowing exactly what time and for how long you will visit a certain place means you can tick more off the list than you think.  Without this schedule you roam endlessly around a city with no real concept of time and in most cases actually seeing not much at all!

Calling ahead or making a reservation online means your booking is confirmed and you don’t run the risk of showing up to your favourite restaurant, only to be turned away.

This situation can slowly turn into a nightmare, especially if you are travelling in a group. Deciding where to eat when your dinner plans fall through can be a stressful ordeal and one you want to avoid.

There are tons of ways you can find great restaurants online before you travel. A lot of people use trip advisor, or travel blogs. Simply find the location of your hotel or a particular restaurant that tickles your fancy and schedule your day around it.

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These tips will help you liven up your weekend, squeeze the most out of your trip and give you the best of both worlds.



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