Top Ten Inspirational Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2017

Top Ten Inspirational Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2017

Travel Bloggers

For a lot of people, travel is a great stress reliever. Whether it’s by rail, air, water or road, the experience cannot be expressed by mere words. Technological advancement has made the world even smaller. Now, the most remote parts of the world which were once inaccessible, are now easily accessible.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see a lot of individuals venturing into travel blogging. This allows them to share their good and bad travel experiences. They offer great travel tips and tricks with a lot of helpful information for all travel enthusiasts.

Here are our top ten inspirational travel bloggers:

Travel Bloggers

  1. Travel Blogger Matt: Nomadic Matt Blog

One of the most popular travel blogs today is run by Matt. He’s a blogging rock star. Traveling for close to a decade, he puts out a lot of captivating content which keeps you longing for more. You will enjoy his abundant destination section as you learn the culture and you see the world from his eyes. Matt has now opened up his own Hostel in Austin, Texas. Check out his travel blog here.

  1. Travel Blogger Rachel: Hippie in Heels blog

Rachel is a small Ohio girl who decided to move out of America to have a taste of the world. Her blog gives you tips on how to luxuriously travel the world without having to break the bank.  Rachel has traveled to several destinations around the globe and is well versed in the culture of India. Check out her travel blog here.

  1. Travel Bloggers Cam and Nicole: Traveling Canucks Blog

Having roamed over 65 countries of the world, Cam and Nicole have earned the title of travel experts. They are a living example that you can have children, build a career, and also travel the world. Follow their adventures to know how they achieved this and how you can change your life, live your travel dreams and still raise a family. Check out their travel blog here.

Travel Bloggers

  1. Travel Blogger Kristin: Be My Travel Muse Blog

California girl Kristin loves adventure and culture. She’s traveled around Asia and uses her blog to recount many of her unusual experiences. Her blog showcases her great photography skills as she documents her way around the world.  Check out her travel blog here.

  1. Travel Blogger Travelettes Blog

With the tag “backpacking in heels,” you can sense the uniqueness of this blog almost immediately. Travelettes is a blog run by women, set up to encourage and empower other women to live their lives to the fullest and make their travel dreams a reality. This inspirational platform offers great travel tricks and tips as well as plenty of inspirational women to share in your journey. Check out Travelettes here.

Travel Bloggers

  1. Travel Bloggers Elaine & Dave : The whole world is a playground

This Irish couple are blogging their way around the world as they hold down their full time jobs.  Proof that you can live your travel dreams while maintaining your 9-5.  They showcase their luxury travel lifestyle through their amazing photography skills, unique travel guides and fun personalities. Check out their travel blog here.

  1. Travel Blogger Kiersten: The Blonde Abroad 

Kiersten is proof that you can travel and still be fabolous. The blonde abroad has traveled to over 40 countries and writes about everything related to travel. Her outgoing and fun nature make her blog very enjoyable to read and her vlogs even more so.  Check out here colourful travel blog here.

Travel Bloggers

  1. Travel Blogger Brooke: World of Wanderlust 

Brooke is a kiwi who has a passion for all things travels.  She travels in style as she shares her adventures.  She features some of the best travel tips I have ever read and some super tasty sweat recipes to.  Her personality and writing style will captivate you and if that doesn’t here stylish blog certainly will.  Check out her travel blog here.

  1. Travel Blogger Liz: Young Adventuress 

Liz is a solo traveler. She has traveled to more than 40 countries over a 10-year period. She shares many of her travel stories and her expert advice on Spain, having lived there for a few years now. Her blog is creative and her writing style is unique.  Make sure to check out her travel blog here before your next trip to Espana!

  1. Travel Blogger Janet: Journalist On the Run

Janet, a fellow Irish travel blogger, has won various awards for her blogging talents.  She has a unique style of writing and an incredible journey.  She is natural and charismatic and provides lots of great travel content to keep you inspired.  Check out her travel blog here.

Be sure to follow these Inspirational Travel Bloggers  to see where their adventures take them.

Travel Bloggers

Who are you following this year? Who is your inspiration? What motivates you to travel and what are your travel secrets?

Share them with us below….

Travel Bloggers


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  1. Love this list – and I agree! They are amazing bloggers! 🙂 Love your Christmas twist!

    Well done!

  2. I signed up for Nomadic Matts course & am totally loving it- he has his niche down PAT! With all those resources he gives it really is invaluable

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