It’s a 30’s thing.

Tram in Lisbon

It’s a 30’s thing.

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So I wish I could say there’s absolutely no difference what so ever in travelling in your 20’s as oppose to your 30’s but I’d be lying of course! Although I’ve only had a mere 2 years to appreciate and experience the differences at 32 years young, I have found quite a few!

Travelling over the years has changed and public perceptions are changing too. We as millennials have come to realise the routine 9-5 doesn’t fit our lifestyle anymore, meaning more and more singletons, couples and families are choosing a nomadic lifestyle.

It’s all about Slow Travel

Slow travelling dominates. The backpacker trail still exists but those who roam it are not merely just rowdy 20 somethings and more an eclectic mix of avid wanderlusts each sharing the road to freedom.

So what changes when you hit the road in your 30’s? What decisions do you mule over? What and why do you change the way you think, feel and look at Travel?

For everyone it’s different, for us it’s more about comfort, convenience and sucking the most out of each adventure. Here’s a few things we do different now in our 30’s that we didn’t care so much for in our 20’s.


The thought of staying in a 12 bed mixed dorm was totally normal as we backpacked our way around Asia in 2008. Extra pennies saved meant we had more to spend on other things… namely beer, cheap beer and more of it!

These days, that thought doesn’t cross our minds. I cannot think of anything worse that spending a night in a mixed dorm. I would rather spend an extra $100 on a room for a “bed bug” free mattress, no snoring strangers and the privacy to get ready without shuffling in a toilet cubicle. Nowadays we much prefer boutique or unique hostels & hotels, even if it means shorter trips.

Bus in India
2. Transportation

We’ve had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of transportation on our travels, from sharing rickshaws with whole villages in the Philippines to sitting next to chickens on a four hour bus journey in Laos.

As a 20 something, these experiences were all part of the fun and travelling locally was the thing to do as it was the cheapest! Now however a 1st or 2nd class seat on a train is more than worth the money, and things such as air con change from being a luxury to a necessity!

Don’t get me wrong, if we had to take a local bus or alternative local transportation we wouldn’t complain as long as we get to where we need to go, but if the choice is there then we know which one we’d choose.

3. AirFare

As a 20 something booking new flights depends and relies on one thing and one thing only – the PRICE. Extra leg room, what’s that? In flight meals, not a hope! Free baggage check on, yes please.

The only things we were concerned about back in the day was price and if we could say a penny here or a pound there, whatever it took, we’d have done it! After flying business class back in September from London to Seoul we have to say it’s definitely changed the way we think about travel.

Costing at least a few hundred pounds more, at best, means you get total luxury from the moment you check in. For us, this is the way to travel.

Check out here how we flew Business class for less than £500 ~ not something you get very often!

transportation in India

4. Slower Travel

Nowadays we don’t care about ticking off as many countries as we possibly can, visiting a city a day, following the backpacker trail and visiting places that are trending. We choose destinations depending on what we like to do, what excites us or suits our personalities.

Our preference would now be to spend 1 month in a place, fully explore and soak up the culture before hopping on to another. Overland trips help us see more than just what’s “hot right now” and more of what you don’t read in Travel blogs. Unique experiences are what you remember most!

5. Learning to pack appropriately

One of the most common things virgin backpackers do is overpack. Pack everything and anything into your rucksack, convinced that you need it all is a rookie mistake.

In most cases you just end up leaving it behind in a hostel somewhere for someone else to entertain the thought of needing it. In your 30’s you realise minimalism is key. You know for sure you wont need four pairs of sandals and so you make the grown up decision to make do with one.

wine glasses

6. Sightseeing

Jammed packed days full to the brim of sightseeing, visiting the top attractions, and walking the entire city can leave you feeling like you’ve just ran a back to back marathon!

Full of energy and high on life ensure the young 20 something traveller will do all this as well as party hard until sunrise. Hangover! What hangover? For some reason they do not exist in your 20’s, but that soon changes when you get to 30. Believe me!

A day full of sightseeing followed by a glass of Malbec or a G&T is enough to send me to bed by 11pm. Now that I’m fully rested, I can wake up early ready for a new day in a new city, hangover free!

7. Personal Challenges

For us, as we get older we want to add accomplishments as well as travel to our list of “have done’s”, and so we not only love to travel and sightsee but also challenge ourselves mentally and physically.

We are constantly learning new things or setting ourselves new goals and challenges. Our bucket list of personal goals, personal bests and physical accomplishments has definitely developed more over the last two years than it ever did in our 20’s.

Now we can add biking across Europe, bungee jumping, sky diving or climbing the great wall of china to our list, next to, the ability to drink a pint of beer in 5 seconds flat through a bong, tubing in laos or smuggling our goon into the new years festival in Australia.

8. Style Choice

As a confident 32 year old, I am no longer trying to ‘find myself’ in each destination I travel to. I no longer want to be different and stand out, that I actually ironically end up looking just like everyone else.

There is no longer the need to adorn my arms with travel bracelets from every destination I pass through and there’s not a pair of hareem pants in sight. Now, we both are happy to just wear what we wear because that’s what we wear.

It’s nice to buy the local fashion trend in each destination and feel comfortable wearing them, but by no means do we dress head to toe in hippy gear like we once did. Those days are long gone!

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What about you, how has your attitude towards travel changed since you’ve matured into your 30’s?

Leave a comment below and let us know.


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