Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand

Hitchhikinginheels teamed up with BMP Residence in Thailand to spend 2 days 1 night  Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand.

We had an amazing time Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand!  With technological advances these days and our fast paced lifestyle, it is a lot harder for people to completely ’switch off’ both their minds and their gadgets. Although we all love to document our trip on our cameras and phones for memories of course, it is so refreshing and liberating once in a while to just take in your surroundings and completely let yourself relax, both mentally and physically.

Taking a trip back to basics makes you appreciate exactly what you have and what to be thankful for. It also helps to put things into perspective, actually I believe travelling in general ticks all these boxes! This is exactly what we done and how I felt after our 2 day 1 night trekking in the Jungle in Northern Thailand.

Here’s our quick guide to Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand for a great weekend getaway!


Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand

Get to know your guide

Our first day trekking consisted of joining up with another group, meeting our guide Nikko and setting off on our trekking adventure. We mingled with the other travellers, exchanged our stories and got acquainted with our guide.  Making sure you know your guide’s name can come handy, especially in your hour of need like Janine who packed the wrong shoes and ended up with blisters!  Speaking with your guide can help you get a real feel for jungle life, the culture and the landscape history.  After all they usually come from one of the tribes living in the area here in Chiangmai and so they can tell some interesting stories about local life.


Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand

Wear the right shoes

Unlike Janine who decided to trek through the jungle in Birkenstocks, wearing the right shoes can seriously make your journey easier.  Not only will you have more grip for lumbering up hills but you will be free from mosquito bites, dust and dirt and your feet will feel more comfortable trekking. For great hiking and water shoes that will do the job for both trekking and rafting see our travel essentials here!

Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand

Don’t forget your bikini

Trekking through the jungle in Chiangmai there are plenty of spots for taking a dip and cooling off.  Whether it was in the waterfall surrounded by lush greenery or one of the many watering holes dotted across the trail, you will always have a need for your bikini while trekking.  Make sure to have it on before you start the trail otherwise you might find yourself using the leaves as cover as you try to worm your way into it without peering eyes! Wink Wink ~Janice! Don’t have the perfect bikini for your trip? Find it here!

Pack light

We all know this one and yet we all fail to stick to our desired baggage weight when travelling anywhere ~ right girls~  we just don’t know how to pack light!  But in this particular situation you will want to pack as light as possible.  Remember you will be trekking through the jungle for 2 days (maybe more) with it all strapped to your back. And trust us, it can get very hot!  Unless you want to look as unsophisticated as possible with buckets of sweat dripping down your back and face, then only pack the essentials. Our day-pack is very durable and seems to fit just the right amount without breaking your back.  Find it here!

Get to bed early

I sound like I’m about 50 right now but that’s not the main reason I say get to bed early (although getting a good night’s sleep will definitely give you a boost for the next day’s trekking) but make sure you get to your accommodation early, especially when travelling in a large group, it can be the difference between sleeping next to a snoring monster and having your own private room to enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

Recharge  your batteries

This one is especially important for all you photographers or gadget lovers out there.  When trekking in the jungle there will be no power outlets for electricity.  This is difficult to comprehend when we live in a cyber world and use our phones and cameras to breathe.  Having extra batteries or a portable charger will come in handy and make sure you don’t miss a magical photo opportunity.


Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand

Eat up!

Unless you overload on grub before you set off on your day of trekking and remember to pack some tasty snacks, then you will definitely need to stock up on all food offered on your tour.  When trekking with BMP Residence, a local tribe community will host you for the night and also make your dinner.  This is such a great opportunity to taste the local food and sample their delicacies.  Eat up, you don’t know when your going to eat next!


Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand

Switch off

Remember it’s not every day you get to trek through the jungle, admire your surroundings, swim in waterfalls and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside (unless you currently live in some exotic land of course).  So don’t forget to switch off your camera every now and then, and just enjoy the landscape.  It is proven that exercise helps you think and be inspired, so use this time to think and reflect or simply just unwind and be grateful for the present moment.

So there you have it, hitchhikinginheels Quick Guide to Jungle Trekking in Chiangmai, Thailand. Just a little recap:

  • Wear the right shoes: Hiking shoes/water shoes would be the best in our opinion
  • Don’t forget your bikini/Swimwear: You will most defiantly want to cool off in the waterfalls/watering holes
  • Pack light: You will be carrying all your belongings for the entire trek, don’t overpack! A dry bag would come in handy here.
  • Go to bed early: Get a good night’s rest for the day ahead and choose the best digs before everyone else.
  • Recharge your batteries: having extra batteries/portable charger will ensure you capture all those memorable pics.
  • eat up: you won’t find any 7/11’s near by so you will want to eat as much when you can or pack some nutritious snacks.
  • Switch off: Enjoy the great outdoors, relax or read a book ~ quite time is good for the soul.


Have you been Jungle trekking in Chiangmai or anywhere else in Northern Thailand? Let us know about your experience!

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