Kayaking in Coimbra, Portugal

Kayaking in Coimbra

Kayaking in Coimbra

Kayaking in Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal’s third largest city, can sometimes get overshadowed by it’s two bigger cities Lisbon and Porto. After recently visiting Lisbon and Porto, we decided a quieter trip was needed and opted for the famous University town of Coimbra. Kayaking in Coimbra was definitely the highlight of the trip. 

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A kayaking trip down the Mondego River in Coimbra made us realise that there was a lot more to this city than fado and port wines.

We teamed up with Caminhos D’Aqua for a full day of Kayaking in Coimbra, Portugal.

The trip took place in the breathtaking valley of Coimbra and Penacova.

I will be the first to admit that I cannot swim but I didn’t let it stop me from taking part, what’s the worst that could happen!?

Janine and myself joined Caminhos D’Aqua for their Kayak tour, we got picked up from the lovely Luis in the centre of the city and we drove out to towards the valley.

This is when the scenery started to change … for the better. We said goodbye to the buildings and hello to nature. The Mondego River is the only river in all of Portugal where you can easily and comfortably kayak all year round.

The 18km kayak trip lasted around 4 hours and it’s a must when you visit Coimbra.

Kayaking in Coimbra

The pre Kayak shot!

We arrived deep in the heart of the valley after a 20 minute bus ride, where we were introduced to our lovely guides. After a brief introduction to Kayaking, we were on our way downstream. The scenery was ever changing and very varied.

The valley is naturally beautiful, but throw in beaches,  cliffs, forests and wildlife and it’s an interesting kayaking trip.

Kayaking in Coimbra

Typical – Janine posing and me doing all the hard work! Photo Credit: Caminhos D’Aqua.

As we took in the scenery and admired the changing nature of the valley it was time for a pit stop.

The tour includes snacks – we were treated to coffee, pastries and fruit. Just what was needed to refuel after one hour of kayaking.

There are also a few rapids on the river which makes it exciting too. I had a bad experience white water rafting in Korea when I fell out of the boat and was getting swept away downstream, so thankfully these rapids were a lot more tame, and we’ll leave that story for another day! 

Kayaking in Coimbra

As you Kayak in Coimbra down the Mondego River, you come across several river beaches which are a great place for a picnic or lunch, which we decided to do the following day!

After a few hours of peaceful kayaking and with bigger arm muscles, we arrived at a beach. We finished up here and had the whole beach to ourselves.

Kayaking in Coimbra

A very excited me!

I took this opportunity to cool off and went for a dip in the river, which is always nice and refreshing in Portugal!

Next stop was lunch!

When you book a kayak trip through Canimhos D’Agua, you get the choice of one of three places for lunch. After a 15 minute walk along the river, we arrived at a very typical Portuguese Garden.

There was a long table hidden under the vines, beer on tap and the smell of a BBQ filled the air.

This was the perfect place to relax and enjoy lunch, taking in and reflecting on an awesome few hours of kayaking.

If you enjoy exercise, nature and the great outdoors, you will not want to miss this trip, Kayaking in Coimbra.

It was the highlight of our trip to Coimbra, and such a cool experience. We would definitely recommend this trip to anyone visiting Coimbra. Get out of the city for half a day and experience Portugal’s countryside.

Want to go Kayaking in Coimbra?

Kayaking in Coimbra

HHIH Tips: You will want to pack a waterproof case for your phone to capture photos in the water. We use the LifeProof Waterproof case for the iPhone. Waterproof sandles are also perfect for outdoor activities, especially kayaking and hiking.


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This tour was a collaboration with Caminhos D’Aqua and as always all opinions about the tour are my own.

Kayaking in Coimbra

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