New Zealand – South Island’s Best Bits

New Zealand - South Island's Best Bits

South Island

New Zealand – South Island’s Best Bits

Travelling is an opportunity to learn, experience, relax and enjoy life’s greatest virtues.  There are too many truly amazing destinations around the world to list, that you should visit at least once in your life. One of those should definitely include New Zealand’s very own ‘South Island’.

Home away from home?

South Island

This is no ordinary place. It is full of magic, excitement and beauty. It is filled with different wonders and elegant sites which can totally take your breath away. It is filled with exquisite landscapes and sceneries which will surely capture your heart and soul. At least it did for us!

I would often state that New Zealand is very similar to Ireland in terms of landscape and beauty. The only thing that really let’s Ireland down is the miserable weather, that New Zealand makes up for!

Sights to See



When travelling to the South Island of New Zealand, there are many things to do, and so many places to see.  Some include: Milford Sounds, Queenstown and the wonderful Glaziers of “fox” and “Franz Josef”.  There are daily guided tours to take you as close as possible to the Glaziers and some even offer a unique helicopter ride to the top if you feel like splashing out.

South Island

Abel Tasman National Park:

You can sail through splendid waters in New Zealand’s South Island. Some even sail from Wellington to Picton to experience the grandeur of this spectacular landscape. You’ll want to make sure you pack your raincoat for this one but be sure to bring your camera!
Tourists can also delve into Abel Tasman National Park and Golden Bay. Experience the famous golden sands with it’s rich beaches and regal waters in Motueka. Let yourself relax in the midst of this powerful creation.

Lake Takapo

Lake Tekapo:

Lake Tekapo is another surreal natural formation that you will get to experience when visiting the South Islands. The sheer size and colour will make you want to strip naked and jump right in! That is until you realise it’s glazier water and would freeze the cheeks off you!  But the beauty of this phenomenon is an experience you will never forget as you relish in the photo opportunities.

South Island

Mount Cook:

Let’s not forget Mount Cook. A short or long hike, depending on your choice will immerse you in the beautiful surround of Mount Cook. Whilst we were hiking this cold and frosty mount we ran into an Asian couple getting wedding photos taken (suited and booted in full wedding attire). I have to say I was not expecting that, and I don’t even know how the bride managed to hike the mountain in her heels!  So you see, people will go to great lengths to get the perfect photo set in the surroundings of Mount Cook.

Milford Sounds:

The next must-try tourist experience is a voyage through Milford Sounds. Sailing and traversing through colourful, peaceful waters while relishing the beauty of majestic and misty mountains, won’t be a feeling you will forget any time soon.
Listen to the powerful sounds of the waterfalls ahead and experience the peaceful hum of the water below. A truly unique kiwi experience.

For some reason New Zealand remains quiet on the travel radar, overshadowed by it’s counterpart, Australia. But this small country located at the edge of the world is most definitely worth a visit. There are an abundant of wondrous attractions to see, adventures to excite the soul and people who will truly carve a heart in your memories.

Adventure Awaits!

South Island

If it’s adventure you crave, head for Queenstown. If sailing excites you, follow the winds to Milford Sounds and if you just want to soak up the culture, relax and unwind as you get friendly with locals, then rent a camper and slow travel your way around it all. It will not disappoint!

South Island

Happy Travels!



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