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26 cool things to do in Porto
Portugal |
August 14, 2017

26 Cool Things To Do In Porto

Discover Portugal's second largest city, Porto! Marvel at the UNESCO world heritage site and explore all this funky little city has to offer with our 26 cool things to do...

Boracay...The Price of PARADISE?
Philippines |
August 07, 2017

Boracay…The Price of PARADISE?

  Boracay Budget…The Price of PARADISE? Located approximately 350km south of Manila (The capital) and one of approximately 7,000 Islands that make up the Philippines, Boracay is considered a truly...

Sintra Pena Palace
Portugal |
July 27, 2017

Exploring Sintra National Park

Sintra National Park is a MUST for this year's Bucket List and a trip to Portugal should definitely include a Sintra Itinerary. Read why by HHIH.

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Biking in South Korea
Adventures, Biking, South Korea |
October 02, 2015

Biking in South Korea

Biking in South Korea Biking in South Korea (mainly Seoul) is becoming even more popular. It’s not surprising with more and more bike paths popping up with great routes to...

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start a travel blog
Blogging Tips |
December 07, 2016

7 Reasons To Start a Travel Blog

So apart from travelling the world, living the high life & making a ton of money, are there any other reasons to should start a travel blog? Yes, here are...

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