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Pastel De Nata

Porto Food Tour

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Janine and I arrived in Porto thinking we were well informed and knowledgeable on the Portuguese gastronomy.  Getting married here last year and now having the pleasure to call it home surely makes us experts, right?! How very wrong we were! In order to delve a little deeper, we booked the  Porto Food Tour with BlueDragon City Tours.

Porto’s food scene is very unique and somewhat differs to the rest of Portugal. They are very proud of this, and rightly so! They are known as Tripeiros (tripe eaters), but don’t let this put you off, there are many other local delicacies that will have your mouth watering.


Porto’s cuisine has been influenced by other cuisines, and cultures. With a heavy influence from the Mediterranean and Atlantic, these ingredients are what make this cuisine so unique.

The Best Food Tour in Porto.

It’s always an excellent idea to take a food tour everywhere you go as they are much, much more than a food tour, BlueDragon & our guide Renato was no exception.

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

Best Tour Ever!

Skipping breakfast is a good idea!

We met Renato and our 2 new German friends outside all souls church early in the morning, had a brief introduction and we were promptly on our way. The small group was excellent as we had a  lot of time to chat and interact as a group without just feeling like a number.

Porto Food Tour

The first stop was an alfresco experience of a traditional portuguese breakfast. Yes you guessed it… Pastel de Nata (Custard Tart) & a Cafe (espresso) at Nata Lisboa, a portuguese nata chain. Although I don’t recommend having this traditional breakfast every morning or your shape might start to resemble that of a nata! Don’t forget to add cinnamon.

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

Pastel De Nata

Experience the true heart & soul of Porto…

Bolhao Market and our second stop of the tour showcased the true heart & soul of Porto, it’s people and it’s food. Bolhao Market is the most famous in the city, dating back to 1850.

Arriving here automatically transports you back in time where you can imagine the hustle and bustle taking place in the market. The interior hasn’t changed much since then, which in my opinion adds to it’s charm.

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

Bolhao Market

However there are talks to modernise it, keeping with the structure but just rearranging and adding restaurants in the top floor. By the time you visit, maybe you will be able to witness the newer model! You’ll find everything in the market from garlic, fruits & vegetables, fish and meat to souvenirs.

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

Fruit & Vegetable Vendor – Bolhao Market

Eat Your Way Around Porto, Portugal with Bluedragon City Food Tours

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

Fish Vendor – Bolhao Market

Sample delicious Tapas

At the traditional Grocery store is where the tour was kicked up a notch and by that I mean the port was introduced! The Ruby & Tawny port was accompanied by traditional meats, bread olives and different variations of cheese. A lot of Porto’s speciality dishes consist of meat, so this was a test to our new vegetarian/vegan diet.

I will admit that I am not perfect & I did sample some of the meat dishes, Janine on the other hand was much more disciplined! The traditional grocers is one of the oldest in Porto and has been around for more than 100 years!

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

Traditional Grocers

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

Putting Janine to work!

Renato, our guide was super knowledgeable and passionate about Porto, it’s history and food, and his attitude was adapted by everyone on our tour. Due to the small intimate tour of only 4 people we had a lot more time to talk and get to know each other informally.

Porto Food Tour

Renato’s historical knowledge and food expertise was second to none. We actually spoke that much and enjoyed every stop so much, we were running behind schedule a lot! But this was not reflected in the tour and it ran very smoothly.

Port, Wine & More Port Wine!

Walking through the quaint streets of Porto we arrived at a local Port wine cellar to be greeted by the owner. After a brief introduction to the ports it was time to sample the white, ruby and tawny ports. Port connoisseurs watch out! It was here we learnt there are 1001 ways to cook Balcaulhau (traditional salted cod) Wow!

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

It’s Port o’clock!

Lady Fatima & her hot Liquor!

Feeling a little light headed after all the ports, Lady Fatima’s Bolinhos de bacalhau (delicious cod cakes) are the perfect dish. These breadcrumbed, bitesized bits of heaven were served with a liquuorise shot that you are used to drinking after hours!

However they were paired extremely well, the saltines of the cod cakes were washed down with the aniseed flavours of the liquor. A perfect match!

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

The Fiery Liquor – Eduardino

Bolinhos de bacalhau

Bolinhos de bacalhau

Just as we’re thinking the tour can’t get any better, we were whisked away to what can only be described as a very authentic, local restaurant to sample the one and only Bifana (pork steak sandwich in a piri piri sauce ) which was paired with a mouthwatering beer. Cheers!

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours

Mmmmmm Beer!

Last but not least and after covering a lot of the city on foot, which helps to digest the feast you have just ate, we arrived at the most charming, bustling little tavern in the heart of the city – Escondidinho do Barredo.

We where spoilt with the Vinho verde (white port) alongside beans, sardines and many other wonderful delicious delacies.

No need for dinner tonight!


The portion sizes were amazing value for money, all sourced with quality ingredients from the most traditional places in and around Porto. The tour costs approx. 49 euro and in our opinion is excellent value for money.

If you are looking for a more authentic way to experience Porto’s gastronomical delights and an insight into Porto’s past and present, this Porto Food tour really does showcase it all.

Let the sweet and savoury flavours help you get to know Porto from another perspective and leave with the kind nature that you will no doubt experience from the locals.

A huge thanks to Renato & BlueDragon City Tours for the opportunity to take part in their tour. All our opinions are unbiased and true reflection of the tour.

Porto Food Tour - Bluedragon City Tours


From one foodie to another … Comment below and tell us what has been your best food tour to date?


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