Travel Hack: Relocation New Zealand for $1 a day!

Relocation New Zealand

Relocation New Zealand: Travel Hack & How to travel New Zealand for $1 a day!

What would you say to travelling Australia and New Zealand for free? Of course you would say yes! Did you ever think you could travel Australia and New Zealand (two of the most expensive countries to travel in) for free?  Well the answer is we did and you can too.

Here are our tips and tricks for travelling for free around not just New Zealand but also Australia, not just for free but in style!


Lake Takapo

When I say free, I actually mean for $1 or $5 a day, which is practically free, lets face it! Especially when you consider the cost of travel in both countries.

Back in 2011 we planned our trip sporadically and spent two months travelling around both Australia and New Zealand. Spending $1-5 a day on travel.  It did not involve anything illegal. It was 100% above board and totally doable by anyone planning a trip in 2016!


If this sounds like something you are interested in read on!

Campervan NZ

Relocation New Zealand : Travel Hack for $1 a day!

It’s officially called a RELOCATION or Relocation New Zealand.  The trick is in your flexibility and planning. You cannot be too rigid with you travel plans. You must be prepared for things to change and have a plan B.  Or at least be prepared to think of another option for travel if it does not work out as planned.

Another clause is that you must have at least $1000 or more to use as a deposit on a credit card.  But that’s not a lot to ask right?!

I don’t want to deter anyone by mentioning a $1000 deposit, but it is necessary and you will 100% get a full refund at the end of your trip. (providing there are no damages of course)

Relocation New Zealand

If you have unlimited time and a flexible itinerary and you want to see as much of each country as possible, then this post will be invaluable to you.  We will show you how it’s possible to travel in style for as little as $1 a day.

Rather than starting with where you want to go when planning your trip, consider where you will begin.  Let the rest be spontaneous.  You do not always get to choose where you will travel to with Relocation New Zealand.  So starting off with a loose travel plan will allow you to travel for $1 a day.

For Relocation New Zealand , the secret is in the flexibility!

Not only have we used this mode of transport a number of times in Australia.  But we managed to get from the South of New Zealand to the North Islands, over a period of 2 weeks, entirely on $1 a day.  We had a few minor issues in Australia where a booking was cancelled last minute.

This required a last minute flight from cairns to Darwin and a few calls here and there to ensure we were back on track.


Relocation, Relocation

The idea behind this option of travel is that you are the chauffeur to other people’s transport.  Meaning you are the middle man.

Let’s imagine the ‘McNally’s’ take a trip from Melbourne to Brisbane for their ‘Epic Family Adventure’. They hire a six birth camper-van, equipped with beds, bedding,a kitchen, a fridge, and a shower.  As well as all the cooking equipment required for their 2 week trip.


No expense has been spared for their trip of a lifetime.  They plan their itinerary carefully, taking in all the sights and scenery along the way.  When they arrive in Brisbane they hand back their keys, say their goodbyes and cherish the memories of their amazing journey.  It’s the end of the road for them.

But it’s not the end of the road for ‘Betsy’ their six birth camper.

And that’s where you come in!

Relocation New Zealand

When a camper van is rented in one state or city and travels to another without a return booking, it can be expensive for the hire company to return it.

In a case where they do not take a booking for it to be returned, they are required to pay for an employee to drive it back. They cover the cost of cleaning, gas and any damages incurred during the trip.

In order to reduce their costs and get their vans returned, hire companies offer amazing bargains.  For anyone willing and able to return a van or car within a specific time frame that is.  You get a bargain and they get a bargain.  It’s a win win!

How to travel Australia & New Zealand for $1 a day!

As I mentioned before, you must be willing and ready to pick up your transport and drop it off at a specific location when there one becomes available.

This may mean that if you are in Brisbane and had intended to travel to Darwin. There are only vans available going to Melbourne, then Melbourne is the ‘destination’ for you!  If not, then you may find yourself shelling out up to $100 for transportation to get to your desired destination.

If your travel plans aren’t loose then your pockets certainly will be!

All you need is your deposit, paid by credit card and a flexible itinerary and you will soon be enjoying your ‘Epic Adventure’ for $1 a day!

Here is our easy step by step guide on

Travel Hack 101 : Relocation New Zealand

South Island


Step 1: Check what’s available.

Start by keeping track of whats available in your starting city.  The major cities will obviously have more to offer as most people want to travel to those places and holiday there.

If you have trouble finding a van in the city you are in, you might consider taking a short flight to another city.  Start your journey there and work your way back again.

This worked for us when leaving from Sydney and travelling to cairns.  We then took a short flight to Darwin, where we then got another van and travelled down to Alice Springs.  On a separate occasion we also took a van from Sydney again and travelled along the coast to Melbourne.

Do not simply go to a camper van site and search what vans are available, specifically look for their relocation page.  This is sometimes a little harder to find for obvious reasons.  But if you google search it you will be sure to find something.

These links should direct you to the specific relocation pages.  If you still have trouble, try calling the company directly and asking what relocations they have available.

There are also many other options that are not listed here!

Check out these sites:

Coast of New Zealand

Step 2: How to pay?

Having the funds available and making preparation before you travel are a must.   If you don’t already have a credit card before you travel, then it is worth getting one.  

It can come in very useful in all situations when cash is not on hand.  If like us you can earn extra millage points for flying then its most defiantly worth spending on.  

You will need a credit card in your name (the main driver) if you want to avail of these services.

It’s worth keeping in mind that some countries request $1000 deposit per van.  If you plan to make a few trips across country and you think you might need multiple vans.  You will inevitably need the funds available to cover the deposits.

Having a few cards available will make sure you can book all transport in advance.

 Check out our Resources Page for All Things Travel


Step 3: Plan B!

Plan B: Just because you have a van booked and deposits paid, doesn’t mean it’s a definite.  Some plans may fall through and some vans may be cancelled for numerous reasons.

In this case it’s worth having a contingency plan, or at least the funds available to make sure you can continue your journey to your next destination.

In some cases you may be able to call around and secure a new van on the same day, but this will not always be the case.  Being prepared and keeping an open-mind always helps.

Unless you make a major error in judgement and mess up your wheels in any way, you can expect a full refund a few days after your return.

We accidentally clipped the back of our van while reversing it out of a forest in Alice Springs, luckily the damage wasn’t too major and we didn’t have to pay a thing.

Sunset in New Zealand

Step 4: Be Prepared!

Part of the reason you get to hire these van for discounted price is that they must be at a drop off point in a matter of days.

Something you don’t always get the luxury of is, taking in all the sights along the way.   Companies will give you a certain milage to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in a particular timeframe.

Making sure you have a plan of action before you start your journey.  A rough idea of how to get there and the times it will take from one place to the next.  This can seriously make your drive more worth while.

Get a map, make off your points of interest.  Do the calculations of drive time and always plan for those moments when you get lost.  If you’re anything like us, you will get lost at some point, but it’s all part of the fun.

Step 5: Enjoy the Ride!

How can you make sure your mega road trip will be super awesome?  Being prepared with snacks, good music, playing cards, your camera, beers and petrol.

We always end up in a sticky situations when it comes to running low on petrol. If possible try keeping a reserve somewhere in the van or at least know the point of refill.

This is especially important when driving from Darwin to Alice Springs or in any rural area.


We had the most amazing road trips through Australia and New Zealand all only costing us $1 a day.  Follow these simple steps and you to could be on your way to turning what potentially might cost you a fortune for a road trip of a lifetime for a fraction of the price!

Happy Travels From HHIH!

For amazing things to see and do in New Zealand’s very own South Island click here!




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