The Best Road Trip in Australia: Navigating The Great Ocean Road

Great ocean Road

The Best Road Trip in Australia: Navigating The Great Ocean Road


Elegance, beauty, valour – These are words that come to mind while traversing through one of Australia’s greatest drives.

Navigating The Great Ocean Road

Here, you can see the glimmering lights, powerful cliff edges, and majestic structures that do not just give you astonishment but also give you a great essence of awe.

This enticing road is located along the south-eastern coast of Australia and has an astounding length of 243 kilometers. The Great Ocean Road runs between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford.

Sights to see on the Great Ocean Road…

There are many beautiful sites to see along this great road. Some include the regal ocean, the Twelve Apostles in Princetown and Victoria in Port Campbell National Park, to name but a few.  What makes the landscape so unique is the stacked limestone in an overwhelming manner which allures and attracts tourists from all around the world.


Wildlife on the Great Ocean Road

Aside from these wonderful sights, you will also get the chance to see native wildlife as you make your journey along the Great Ocean Road. Watch as Kangaroos,  and other creatures live, interact and interrelate with each other, mostly in the wild.

Be careful driving at night though, we almost nearly took out a Kangaroo (or maybe he nearly took us out!) while paying to much attention to the views along the coast! It is kind of cool to see them up close and personal!


The Great Ocean Road, being one of the longest scenic drives along the coast, in Australia means that you can also stop off and experience iconic surf breaks, primeval rainforests and grand waterfalls as you journey along this wonderful road.

Adventure Activities on the Great Ocean Road

Stop off for some fresh seafood, some ice cream or just laze by the ocean with a picnic when you’ve spent too much time behind the wheel. Take a walk and savour the moments of beauty and elegance along this Great Ocean Road. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you’re feeling more adventurous you can try bushwalking, surfing and mountain biking to further relish the abundance of wonderful and spontaneous sites along this majestic Road.

This landscape is not only for sightseeing but also for interacting with locals, indulging in tasty cuisine and allowing yourself to let go and experience some thrilling activities.

ocean view

The drive can take as long as you desire. It can be done in one day, but to truly get a taste for all it has to offer I would recommend taking it slow. A three to four day tour along the coast is a great way to spend a few days simply admiring the beauty, the sights and the sounds that Australia’s south east coast has to offer.

Go & Experience one of Australia’s best Road Trips! The Great Ocean Road

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