Songkran, Thailand 2016

Songkran, Thailand 2016

Songkran, Thailand 16Get ready for Songkran, Thailand 2016!!!

Songkran, Thailand 2016 is coming soon!!!!  Every year in Thailand on April 13th, locals and tourist alike prepare for ‘Thai New Year’ and the traditional buddhist water blessing that sweeps the country. What starts out as a cultural buddhist festival, escalates into a fully-fledged water war near and far, known as Songkran, Thailand!

Songkran, Thailand

How much fun does that sound?!

Songkran is a word deriving from Sanskrit and means “Astrological Passage”. Traditionally the dates change each year by Brahmin priests, but these days the date is fixed to take place between April 13th – April 15th every year.

Songkran, Thailand 5

Songkran, Thailand 2016 marks the end of the dry season and the hottest months. This festival is a cleansing ritual for most Thai people and is meant to bring luck and prosperity for the year to come. Traditionally as a way to show respect to their elders, the younger generation poured water over the palms of their elders’ hands, paying reverence to their ancestors, giving thanks. This still happens in many thai households across the country.

Songkran, Thailand 2016

But for us tourists, what better way to cool off from the high temperatures than engage in the biggest water festival in Asia. Rather than trying to avoid getting drenched (because it’s totally impossible) why not let your hair down and have some serious fun in the splashiest zones around the city?

The best place to get wet and wager a war with the locals has to be the infamous Khao San Road in Bangkok. Known as the city’s backpacker hub and full of crazy and chaotic behavior, Khao San develops into a wet and wild water fight and draws thousands, ready to party day and night.

Kids with huge buckets of water or loaded water guns are sure to attack anyone in sight, especially tourists. White talc is also known to be thrown and create a giant snow like storm throughout the city. So get your buckets or balloons at the ready and join in the fight!

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Don’t worry if your not in the big smoke around the time of the festival, as even the smallest Islands, cities and towns love to partake in the festivities. You’ll be sure to find any busy area wherever you happen to be drowning in the fun.

Songkran is now celebrated in other Asian countries that boarder with Thailand but our top picks of where to experience Songkran, Thailand 2016 are listed below:

Khao San Road, Bangkok:

Crowded with locals and a multitude of tourists ready to get wet and party, this is defiantly the place for you if you want to get wet and wild!

Silom road, Bangkok:

Also a busy spot for tourists but less rowdy that Khao San, you will be sure to have some fun getting soaked with the locals.

Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand:

In the Northern city of Chiangmai, Songkran is celebrated for sometimes as long as a week. The entire city participates in the parade and the water activities.

Chon Buri:

A laid back beach vibe with many activities ranging from sand sculptures or cultural contests you can enjoy the festival fun beach side.


With parties from dawn to dusk on the popular Patong Beach you can soak up some sun, fill your buckets and take part in the festivities all day long.

Koh Samui:

Chaweng Beach seems to be the most popular spot to mingle with locals and tourists. Another great place to enjoy the festival and soak up the sun with a few buckets on the beach.

Don’t forget your haiiwian skirt as it’s traditionally worn by the ladies for Songkran, Thailand 2016!


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