Taipei Eats Food Tour, Taiwan

Taipei Eats Food Tour, Taiwan

Those places that you don’t really have much expectation of, usually end up being the most impressive. Taipei for us, was that place!

The people are super friendly, always offering a helping hand and always so willing to strike up a conversation at the drop of a hat.

The food, although often overshadowed by it’s neighbouring countries of China, Japan and Korea certainly has its own unique qualities with bold flavours as well as a unique way of cooking or preparing each dish.

When we got the opportunity to take part in a food tour, it’s safe to say we jumped at the chance.


About Taipei Eats

Taipei Eats is a relatively new food tour offering a number of tours daily around Taipei central area. This small start up company has certainly made a mark on the tourism scene of Taipei, offering some amazing tours with the best tour guides around. Our guide, Sophia was no exception. With her quirky personality, bubbly sense of humour and warm nature, she made our tour interesting and memorable.


Stop 1: Fruit Market

The tour kicked off at a local market where we had the opportunity to learn about the local produce of Taiwan and sample some fine, exotic fruits. Because Taiwan has a sub-tropical climate, they can produce a whole array of delicious fruits and vegetables, some even unique only to Taiwan.

Taipei Eats


Stop 2: Scallion Bread

From here we sampled a slice of local homemade bread made with green onions. The owner sells just one type of bread, and is therefore cooked to perfection and very popular. The outside was layer had a crispy texture while the inside was deliciously soft and tasty.

Taipei Eats

Stop 3: Taiwanese Burgers

Our next stop was most definitely my favourite of the day, the Taiwanese burger, also known as “Tiger Bites Pork”. Whilst it resembles nothing like our ‘traditional’ burger that we are accustomed to, it tasted amazing!

Made with pork belly, braised pork, coriander and peanut powder, served in an open doughy bun, it is definitely something I would recommend anyone visiting Taipei to try! (My mouth is watering as I type this!)

Taipei Eats

Stop 4: Adventure Stop ~ Betel Nut

By this stage in the tour we were already starting to feel full. To give our tummies a little breather, we stopped by a local hole in the wall selling Betel Nuts. Sophia informed us that this product was especially popular among taxi drivers as it is somewhat of a stimulant, keeping them awake and alert when working long hours.

With a very specific way of chewing and eating it, our group listened and followed Sophia’s instructions carefully before delving in for a try.

Check out this short clip of Janice getting trying it out!

Taipei Eats

Stop 5: Stinky Tofu

The next stop of the tour should have taken us to try stinky tofu, which we were especially looking forward to trying, since hearing so much about it.

Unfortunately it was not opened on the day we took the tour, possibly because of Lunar New Year which fell a few days before our trip to Taipei. But we did stop by the night market on our way home to sample it ourselves!

Taipei Eats

Stop 6: Bubble Tea

Instead, we walked for a few minutes to try Taiwanese bubble tea from the Milk Tea shop. It was delicious!

Made from fresh milk produced from their farm and white sugar cane tapioca, you can taste the freshness of this quirky tea.  Disclaimer: May become addicted!!

taipei eats

Stop 7: Shanghai Dumplings

We made our way to the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, which was our next stop for a taste of Shanghai style dumplings. Seated around the traditional chinese circular table we each took turns rotating the table for our share of the juicy steamed pockets of pork.

Our guide Sophia explained the best way to eat them which certainly changed to flavour and the experience on your tastebuds. The pickled ginger with them was also amazing! We sipped down the last of our green tea before moving on for more tasty treats.

Taipei Eats

Stop 8: Pineapple Pastry Cakes

Just outside the Dumpling restaurant, inside the quirky mall we made our way to a famous Taiwanese bread shop.

Made famous by a Taiwanese masterchef with only two stores in the country, we soon realised why there was such a long line of happy customers waiting to pay.

The pastry of our pineapple flavoured desserts melted in your mouth, tasting divine. Later on our way back to Korea, we noticed loads of tourists with bucket loads of them in their bags and now we could see why!

Taipei Eats

Stop 9: Cold Noodles, Miso Soup & Braised Pork over sticky rice

I have to admit my head is a little fussy as to what stop we were at, at this point.  I think I hit a food coma! But I do remember trying yummy cold noodles, boiled eggs, a delightful miso soup and tender braised pork over sticky rice.

These are a few traditional taiwanese dishes that you can find in almost every night market.  The are super cheap and super tasty!  Definitely worth a try!

Taipei Eats

Stop 10: Taiwanese Sorbet

After a brisk walk through the old tobacco building which is now converted into a public space for arts, then through the cute little back streets of city, we made our way to our final stop for some homemade organic sorbet.

Traditionally from the southern region of Taiwan, made with natural ingredients in a modest cafe, we sampled some uniquely flavoured sorbets that tasted scrumptious. The sun was shining by this stage in the day, making it the perfect time to cool off with our sorbets.

Our group mingled well and so we chatted together while sampling each others choice of sorbets. My favourites were the peanut butter and the lychee, but they all went down treat!

Taipei Eats

Why you should take a tour with Taipei Eats!

This was such a great way to spend the day, with a lovely group of people. We shared our travel stories as we walked and our guide Sophia was very interesting and entertaining.

If I had any advice to give before taking the tour I would say skip breakfast and lunch, you will have no room to devour all that is offered during the tour if you don’t. Also I would say take the tour at the start of your trip!

We sampled so many delicious foods that we didn’t know existed before the tour and it was a shame that we didn’t get to go back again and try a few of them. We also walked through some interesting places that were not on our itinerary and we would have liked to have spent more time meandering around those places on our own time.

Overall 5 heels from us for Taipei Eats Food Tour

A great way to spend the day & overindulge in the delicious Taiwanese cuisine.

Taipei Eats


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