Teaching English in South Korea: My Journey to English Teacher in Seoul.

Teaching English in South Korea

How does one end up teaching English
in South Korea?

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Teaching English in South Korea. Deciding to teach English in South Korea has turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. It all started with a trip I took to Australia and the friends I met along the way.

When I’d been traveling for 15 months straight and suddenly found myself back where I started, reality hit.

Nothing had changed, but everything had changed! The life as I knew it had “moved on” and friends I once had so much in common with struggled to relate to the life I have grown accustomed to.  Or maybe it’s was me who couldn’t relate!  Life had moved on without me and I was no longer a part of it anymore.

So what is there to do?

Take the advice you were given, pack your bags for a country you know nothing about, to a job you have zilch experience in?

Of Course!

And that’s exactly how I found myself Teaching English In Seoul, South Korea!


I was totally prepared and totally unprepared at the same time. My google search engine had exhausted all options for Seoul, South Korea.  The research was compiled on the foods I would try, and places I wanted to visit.

The visualisation had already begun, me sipping coffee along the Cheonggyecheon Stream in the centre of Seoul.

I was a sitting travel agent, ready and equipped with my print out DIY guide books. The countless pictures, blogs and books could not have prepared me for what I was about to experience.

Nor did it prepare me for the people I would meet and the doors that would open once I stepped foot on Seoul soil.

This is the Magic of Travel!


Having no experience in teaching, or even setting foot in a classroom, I felt a mix of excitement and fear.  For the new life I was about to jump into but also for the role I was expected to play.

The flight over and the lead up to going was all a bit of a blur!

You will learn, if you accept a job teaching overseas, especially in Korea; that things happen fast!  Once you accept that offer and your visa comes through, you can pretty much expect to be on the next flight out.

Maybe even the next day!

I said my quick goodbyes and jumped right into my new life, Teaching English in South Korea.


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