Ten Blogging Tips for Beginners

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What is your passion? Do you like talking about food? Politics? Fashion? Or relationships? Whatever works for you, find it and start blogging. The key to blogging success, just like any other venture, is passion and dedication. Do you want to turn that passion into a passive income, then check out these ten blogging tips for beginners;

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1. Get Ideas From Your Audience
Seeking ideas from your readers is a fun way of finding out what people would like to read about. This will surely help your blog grow faster.

2. Never Try to Please Everyone
One of the secrets to success is not trying to please anyone. You cannot possibly please everyone, so don’t even try. As you blog, write for one person. This is because when you write for your everyone, there’s a chance no one will actually be interested.  Write just for one person who will be interested in your story.

3. Be Friendly
The way you pass your message across on your post matters a lot. The sure way to intrigue your audience is to write in an interactive and friendly tone and get your readers to make their own contribution.

4. Reward Your Audience
Your audience will decide whether your blog will be successful or not. So you need to reward them now and then by giving them something that’s worth their time.

5. Be Real, Be Original
Everyone has their own special kind of uniqueness, so why not try it on your blog? As you blog, ensure that every post conveys your uniqueness and originality to your audience. A lot of bloggers have become successful by adopting this pattern.

6. Write Catchy Headlines

Catchy headlines have the ability to turn a prospect into an actual reader. Test all your headlines from time to time and get to know why one headline wins more readers than the others.
One of the best ways to test headlines is by tracking the number of clicks that you receive on that posts with Google Analytics. The number of comments received on a post can also give you an idea.

7. Build Your Email List
Start building your own email list from the start. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to sell anything on your site or not. Having this list allows you to promote new content to readers daily without bothering about search rankings and others.

8. Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms
Social media platforms help to amass a great audience, so take good advantage of it. When you get on these platforms, you’ll be thrilled to see traffic to your site skyrocket when your posts go viral. Research on the audience you want to attract, then sign up on the platforms where you can meet those audiences. Share your posts on all these platforms and see which one hits the spot.

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9. Guest Blog
A lot of successful bloggers can attest to this, and they know this is an important step in growing their audience. Guest blogging is an excellent way to reach out to new readers aside from your own and impress them. So make sure you write your best pieces whenever the opportunity arises to be a guest blogger.

10. Design & Theme
Ensure that you pick a theme that suits your style and also design something simple for better user experience. For example; Provide readers with options to subscribe to your blog to receive blog updates in a newsletter from time to time.  Show case your personality in your blog and try to use eye catching, interactive icons and media.  You want to keep viewers reading your page for as long as possible, so engage them in pop up’s and visual effects.

If you want to start a blog, then just start one.  Find a platform, choose your domain and get writing.  Learn as you go and be consistent and it will eventually start to pay off.  I’m still learning as I go and by writing these posts I am reminding myself what the best practice is for building a successful blog.

I don’t get it right all the time and I definitely don’t make a ton of money that I would like.  But I love writing and seeing the blog reach people other than myself, and that keeps me motivated to continue sharing my stories or tips.

If you need help or reasons to start a blog in the first place ~ get your inspiration here!

Happy Blogging!

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