The Best Night Markets: Taipei

The Best Night Markets Taipei

The Best Night Markets: Taipei

The Best Night Markets Taipei

There are so many night markets in Taipei, and it’s actually due to these incredible night markets that Taipei made it onto the travellers map of top visited places in Asia.

Whilst it’s still arguably undiscovered and overshadowed by it’s bigger and better neighbouring countries, Taiwan remains a hot destination and one you should definitely include on your bucket list. If only for the night markets alone!!

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With so many night markets to see, you may well need at least one week to make your way around them all. As I’ve been told, there is one night market at every subway, meaning you need to carefully select the best ones to visit on your trip.

We stayed in Taipei for around five days, and managed to stop off at all the best night markets in town. Here are our top picks of our most memorable night markets and what you can expect to find when you visit.

The Best Night Markets Taipei

You can choose what you like best and add this to your itinerary for your next trip. Here’s our list of to five night markets in Taipei and what you can expect to find at each.

The Best Night Markets: Taipei

Shilin Night Market

The Best Night Markets Taipei

Situated a few footsteps away from Mono’tel, you can literally smell the food bubbling as you step outside this great hostel. This is one of the most famous night markets and this is certainly reflected in the busy streets after dark. To get here take the MRT to Jiantan Station exit 1 and follow the endless crowds.

You won’t miss it. While at the entrance to Shilin Market, if you’re feeling brave, check out Snake Lane to try some snake’s blood or snake soup! You will mostly find apparel, Gadgets, household items and food.


Raohe Street Night Market

The Best Night Markets Taipei

Smaller than some of the other more crowed markets, Raohe is definitely more friendly and less manic. It offers some of the most delicious foods you will find with a few quirky treats. To get here take the MRT to Songshan Station, walking straight for a few hundred meters.

You will mostly find apparel, household items, gadgets, accessories as well as tarot card readers, taiwanese snacks and a mix of fusion and foreign foods.


Ningxia Night Market

The Best Night Markets Taipei

Said to be the most Eco-friendly, winning awards for the best night market in Taipei, it’s best to find out for yourself if the braised pork, sesame oil chicken and savoury rice puddings are up to par. But this market certainly has something for everyone, sold with a smile.

For all you food lovers you will be in foodie heaven. Easily accessible stalls with friendly Taiwanese locals, this market has a great atmosphere. Get here early to avoid the long lines for food.

To get here take exit 1 from Shuanglian Station and walk straight a few hundred meters.

The Best Night Markets: Taipei


Tonghua Night Market

The Best Night Markets Taipei

Centrally located close to Taipei 101, this is another market with a great atmosphere that get quite crowded, especially at weekends.

With lots of tasty, somewhat fried street snacks you can certainly get a feel for the taiwanese culture. You can also pick up some cheap souvenirs to remember your trip!

To get here exit Xinyi Anhe Station onto Anhe Road, walking straight until you see Zoca Pizzeria Cafeteria, then make a left and you cant miss it, two short blocks away.


Huaxi Street Night Market

The Best Night Markets Taipei

Located close to Longshan Temple, this market is one of the oldest international tourist markets in Taipei.

Whilst most Taiwanese don’t recommend you visit this market to get a feel for the night market scene, it’s can be an interesting experience for anyone looking to see or try a few weird delicacies.

Here you will find snake soup, snake liquor, turtle delicacies and even a live snake show if you are lucky. It doesn’t have the best reputation among locals but it’s up to you if you want to explore Huaxi for what it has to offer.

Here you will also find authentic local snacks, massage shops and Taiwanese seafood stalls.

When to go?

Be sure to get there at just the right hour, otherwise you may find yourself standing in long lines for your delicious grub. We recommend arriving just as the sun is going down, before the crowds really take over.

If you arrive later, it will take you quite a long time to make your way through the crowds. But this all adds to the hustle and bustle that are the night markets.

What to eat?

The Best Night Markets Taipei


The Best Night Markets Taipei


The Best Night Markets Taipei

You will find a whole array of delicious foods at each night market and while some are more famous for food than others, you will have no trouble finding something to tantalise your tastebuds.  We made a recent vlog about our Food Tour with Taipei Eats. To check it out and see what delicious foods we tried head over to our Youtube Channel now!!

Here’s a few of our top picks……
Steamed Dumplings
Sesame Dumplings
Bubble Tea
Braised Pork on Rice
Beef Noodle Soup
Baked Eggs

Try them for yourself or even recommend a few of your favourites below in the comments. Like I said, it was impossible for us to make our way around them all, but it’s fair to say each one did not disappoint and we left with tummies full of delicious grub and bags full of souvenirs.

For a serious guide to eating in Taipei don’t miss our Food Lovers Complete Guide to Taipei!

The Best Night Markets Taipei


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