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When deciding to teach in a foreign country, you should consider the location with the benefits offered for each teaching position. There are so many great benefits of teaching in Korea.

The best advantage is that teaching gives you the skills and patience to teach anywhere in the world. It also gives you the freedom to travel, as you can apply these new skills in any non English speaking country.

 Here are the top perks that can be expected when you become an English Teacher in South Korea.

Benefits of Teaching in Korea

Free Housing

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Do you live in your own house in your home country? You must know that sometimes it can be a pain to pay rent – particularly if you’re low on money. When you teach in Korea, you’ll have an added perk of enjoying free housing. A lot of schools will give you a house to stay in, rent-free.

Where the school does not already have a place setup for you, then they may give you a housing allowance instead. This gives you the freedom to choose your own place  and it’s an ideal way to save on your monthly expenses.

Vacation Options

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You have the option to explore all that Korea has to offer, from traditional temple stays to 24 hour nightlife & shopping. Whatever your preference, trust us – Korea can cater for all!

Perhaps, you hope to visit some of the neighboring countries, then Korea’s geographical position can also be a bonus. You can hop on a plane and in just a few hours be in another busting Asian city or relaxing on a beautiful Island somewhere sipping fresh coconuts!

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Affordable Healthcare


There’s good news; health care is relatively affordable in Korea. Most employers offer health care coverage for their employees when they start working abroad.

Lots of medicines and procedures are inexpensive in South Korea. It makes it less nerve-wracking to relocate abroad because you’ll know that you will be given the best care at an affordable rate.

Severance Pay

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In Korea, severance pay is given to all full-time employees. Both foreigners and Koreans benefit from this interesting package. Severance pay is seen as retirement money in Korea.

Once a foreigner works for 12 months, they’ll be entitled to one extra month’s pay. The severance pay is a great perk for foreign teachers – we always put this towards our next travel adventure after each year!

Low Cost of Living


Another great benefit of teaching in Korea is the amazingly low cost of living. It is great because the low cost of thing can help you save money! You will find that everyday expenses, utilities, and transportation are quite affordable in Korea. It makes living less stressful!

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of things can also be very expensive, but it’s a great city to fit a lot of budgets. You can choose to eat in michelin star restaurants or you can find traditional Korean hole in the wall restaurants – both will be a unique experience.

From this post, you can see that exposure and new experiences to culture are not the only remarkable things that come with teaching in South Korea. These perks are added advantages that can create the perfect experience and lifestyle.

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Why not give teaching in Korea a try?

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