Top Ten Best [Digital Nomad Jobs] for Work and Travel

Digital Nomad Jobs

Part two of How to Quit your Job and Travel the World.

As promised we’ve put together a list of the TOP TEN BEST:

Digital Nomad

Jobs for Work and Travel.

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Here are jobs that are not overly hard to obtain. They need little effort and skill and will allow you to travel while you work.  There is no limit to the countries you can see and the the bucket list ticks you can accumulate.

Simply spend a little time and money investing in some new skills and you too could be traveling the world one heel at a time!

Top Ten Best [Digital Nomad Jobs] for Work and Travel


1.Teach English Abroad

This is one way to travel the world and get paid that I would recommend to everyone and anyone.  We lived and worked in Seoul, South Korea over a 5 year period . This has helped us see almost every country in South East Asia, save to buy a house and inspire us to write this travel blog.

Great things happen when you have the change to inspire students around the world, meet new people and embrace other cultures.  You can travel and teach in hundreds of countries world wide if your native language is English.  The process is not that difficult and there are numerous online agencies available to help with the transition.

Top 5 BEST PAID countries to teach:


Average teacher salary: $2,400 – 4,000 USD per month.
Typical requirements: Experience and / or teaching certification from home country.


Average teacher salary: $3,000 USD per month.
Typical requirements: Experience and TEFL certificate.


Average teacher salary: $2,600 USD per month (tax-free).
Typical requirements: Experience and TEFL certificate.


Average teacher salary: $3,000 USD per month plus housing.
Typical requirements: TEFL certificate and experience preferred but not required.


Average teacher salary: $1,600 – 2,500 USD per month plus housing.
Typical requirements: TEFL certificate and experience preferred but not required.

2. Teach English Online

The online community have put their heads together and came up with a few great teaching platforms.  These enable you to not only teach but to travel the world while you do so.  There’s no need to sign a one year contract anymore and live a static life.

You now have the option of teaching for a few hours in the morning, spending a lazy day at the beach.  If you want you can even teach a few more hours in the evening.

Classes can be scheduled around your day of activities so that you have the freedom to live the life you choose.

Online Websites:


Janice and I personally work for this company and have been successful at working and travelling while teaching.  They pay around 15 -20 USD.  They have a great platform in which to teach and they always pay on time.  Overall we’ve enjoyed working for them and would recommend it.  If you are serious about teaching and want a unique way to fund your travels.

Two other platforms that you could use are:

VIP KidUpWorkNiceTalk

3. Au-Paring

Au-paring is a great way to see the world, and live rent free. The host family will put you up in exchange for childcare work and housekeeping responsibilities. More and more people are choosing to see the world this way.

It is a very demanding job, but you can save a lot of money and see the local areas when you have free time. It’s a great way to build lasting relationships, experience a new culture first hand and travel the world while doing so. and let you register for free. It’s worth building a good profile with reviews and past work experience before searching for the perfect match.

Some au-pairs have even had the luxury of going on holiday, living in amazing houses and experiencing the life a world away from their own.

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4. Become a Flight Attendant

This one is a no brainer. Become a flight attendant and get paid to travel the world.  We have met so many flight attendants on our travels who tell us amazing tales about their trips and journeys through being flight attendants.

It even made us consider becoming flight attendants ourselves at one point,  only I was born with 5ft legs and the inability to reach the over head bins on a plane.

There went my dream!

Depending on your route and airline company you could be whisked off to Europe for a one night layover or spend a week in the caribbean all expenses paid while you wait for your next flight.  We hung out on the famous Khao San Road with two Spanish flight attendants on a three day layover in Thailand, staying in a 5* Hotel with spending money who raved about being able to see the world while they work.

So this is a great options for anyone who meets the height restrictions ~ No luck for all you small fry’s out there you’ll have to make do with the rest!


Top Ten Best [Digital Nomad Jobs] for Work and Travel

5.Become a Crew Member on a Cruise Ship

What better way to see the world than to sail around it on a luxury cruise ship.  People pay good money to do this for their holiday but you would have the luxury of doing it every day for as long as your contract may last.

Crew members sometimes work long hours and take some abuse from customers when things to do their way, but what job doesn’t these days.  If you are prepared to work hard, save hard and play hard to travel the world for free then a job on a cruise ship is definitely for you.

6. Become a Yachtie

If the cruise ship doesn’t appeal to you and you would rather spend your day in a bath of baked beans that listen to whining holiday makers all day then an alternative allowing you to living a life on the ocean is to become a yacht stewardess.

With sometimes crazy long hours and unbelievable demand, life on a luxury yacht can be demanding.  But with demanding comes the glamorous life of luxury.  Mingle with the upper class, spend lazy days on the ocean overlooking Islands you’ve only dreamed of and get paid! What more could one ask for?!

7. WWoofing stands for World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms. This is a fantastic organisation that helps link people interested in volunteering on organic farms with people looking for help. In exchange for volunteers helping out, the WWOOF hosts provide mostly grub and a bed.

But you will find some hosts go above and beyond, acting like a second family providing guidance, knowledge and tours of the local areas. There are so many countries worldwide that offer wwoofing, that you can pretty much travel to anywhere you wish and start exploring the area when not fulfilling your volunteering duties. You can choose between 2-3 days to a few months. The small yearly subscription of …., is a no brainer.

If you are up for meeting interesting people and are open to an alternative way of living, then woofing could be right up your alley.


8. Teach Yoga

Teaching yoga is a great way to see the world and make some money.  Yoga is an expensive pastime that pays well in any country, yet to get a yoga teacher training certificate in the likes of India or Thailand will set you back next to nothing.  It takes about a month in total, a little bit of confidence, passion and a lot of persistence, but anyone can do it really!

What better way to stay in shape, have the body you’ve always dreamed of and make money while you do it?!  There are retreats all over the world with opportunities for great yoga teachers, choosing your continent will be the hardest part.

9. Become a Freelancer

After the success of the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris, business men and women across the globe have packed in their office jobs and hit the road.

There are so many jobs these days that don’t require you to be behind a desk.  Figure out what skills you have to bring to the table or the online community, refine those skills and take charge of your ability to work and travel from anywhere.

Examples of freelancers are: writers, computer programmers, graphic designers, therapists, teachers, fitness instructors, skill based instructors, surf, martial arts, pilates, skydivers, divers….the list goes one!  Chose one, get certified and get working abroad!

10. Become a Tour Guide

Another amazing way to see the word while you get paid is to become a tour guide.  It sounds harder than it really it to be honest.  With so many destinations, itineraries and tour companies around these days, and so many holiday makers each wanting to avail of them, tour guide opportunities are endless.

Don’t worry about not having the confidence, when I fist started teaching I was petrified, but it will grow and over time you won’t even remember is was an issue.  Put yourself out there, do you research and you can land a job taking luxury tours around the safari’s of South Africa.  What an amazing job to have!


Digital Nomad Jobs

for Work and Travel

Your options are endless, there will always be a way you can make travel possible.  With so many new ways to make money on the road, who needs a life behind a desk?!  The great thing about most of these jobs is that they open your eyes to new adventures, equip you with new skills and give you life long lessons that help you grow.  Something a book or education will never teach you.

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If you have any other ideas you think others will benefit from or can help fund their travels, please leave a comment below!  Lets help each other be inspired to see the world!


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  1. What a great list! I’m grateful that my figure skating background got me a coaching job in Iceland. It’s nice to have a skill that’s transferable anywhere!

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