Van Life Portugal : The Pura Vida Life

Van Life Portugal : The Pura Vida Life

Van Life

Time flies when you’re having fun!

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All about our Van Life in Portugal. Since departing Korea for a new adventure and a change of scenery, life has been much more relaxing and less hectic than our usual antics in the big smoke.  We spend most of our days working from home now in comparison to dodging people traffic on the subways in Seoul.  Our weekends now consist of lazy days on the beach instead of living it up with the city slickers and I can honestly say it feels like a breath of fresh air.

I am most definitely suited to this simple life.

We left our cozy little two bed apartment for life in a cute cramped camper van! But that’s what adventure is all about right!

Van Life Camper

I’ll tell you the story of how we came about to leave our jobs in Korea for Life in a Camper van.

It all started with a serious lust for van life.  Instagram can do that to a person!  I was constantly liking pics of van life, all over the world and when a friend randomly tagged me in a “work away” listing for van life in Portugal, well it seemed to me that it was fate!

A few Skype calls later and some email stalking we heard back. Out of 1000’s of applications for the work away project, we were the lucky campers.  Whoop Whoop….all our bags are packed and we were ready to go….

If you haven’t heard of work away or house sitting then you are seriously missing out ~ check out this link to read more and find out how you can travel the world for free & stay in some awesome houses, apartments, lodges and even camper vans.

We were super excited to start our new adventure and luckily the weather in Portugal was perfect when we arrived.  We settled in very fast and soon made our tiny space a home.

Things can get pretty cramped, pretty fast so you need to be very organised. Hooks, boxes, shelves and even diy departments can come in handy.  Check out my pinterest boards for lots of tricks for van life.

We spent almost one month in our camper van living the ‘van’ life I dreamed about.  It was amazing waking up every morning to a new sunrise at a different beach.  We used The Scenic Route Portugal to get some route ideas and information on what beaches we could sleep at.

But most places in Portugal have no restrictions on where to park your van which is amazing when wanting to tour around the country without booking into camp sites.

Van Life is becoming very popular in Europe and especially in Portugal for this reason alone. If you’re thinking about renting one you should seriously check out Pura Vida Campers. Their vans are super cool, very romantic and will make sure you stand out from the crowd when touring along the coast of Portugal.

Their vans can be picked up from Ericeira, Portugal, which is a fab place to stay for a few nights at least. It was named “World Surf Reserve” as of February 2011.

This means you not only get to rent a cool 80’s surf camper, but you can take some surf lessons while your there to really make you fit in with the cool kids and complete your Van Life experience.

Ericeira is on the west coast of Portugal, about 30k from Lisbon. It’s not as popular as neighbouring Cascais but it’s popular with surfers and so it has a laid back vibe. The village is very charming with blue and white buildings hugging the coast line.

This setting was definitely a great setting to start our van life journey and we couldn’t have asked for a more scenic location to settle into.  It’s not surprising that after globe trotting the world we have finally decided to settle here for a while.

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I hope you enjoyed this quick insight into how we came to arrive in Portugal, living out of a van. My next post will give you a sneak peek into what we got up to in the van, how we managed to both live for a one month in such a tiny space and a few top picks of where to go if you’re planning a Portugal adventure.

Until then……xx


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