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are Possible….Here’s How!


Do you constantly find yourself daydreaming in your current job of far away lands, lusting over luxury islands or imagining dream destinations in your head, but feel that your bank balance doesn’t match up to the potential costs of such a trip?

Well the secret’s out – you don’t need to be born into a wealthy family of aristocrats or have a trust fund in your name to travel the world! Just a willingness, desire and an adventurous spirit! In actual fact, it costs a lot LESS than you think.
We’ve put together a list of 6 ways (for now) to travel the world for FREE. This article will potentially change the way you think of travel and how to stretch those trips into weeks, months or even years of endless travel….Bliss.

Making travel a reality and part of your lifestyle is easier than you think!

One of my favourite quotes is… “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. All you have to do is adapt this attitude and choose one of the many options below and you’ll soon be whisking yourself off to those dreamed-of-destinations. With little effort you can now travel the world for free in a many number of ways.

Here are some of the best and easiest ways to travel the world for free!


Think of yourself as trustworthy and reliable? Don’t mind getting your hands dirty taking care of pets, gardens and the upkeep of a house? If this sounds like your cup of tea, then housesitting could be the perfect gig for you. After taking care of your responsibilities, the rest of your time can be spent sightseeing, exploring or simply enjoying some home comforts. trustedhousesitters.com, mindmyhouse.com and housesittingworld.com help both home owners and sitters mingle and match. There’s worldwide destinations to choose, from Paris to Peru, the countries are endless and the choice is yours!

Some sites have an annual fee but this is nothing when you think of what you are getting back and it certainly wont break the bank!

2. Couchsurfing / Warm Showers

couchsurfing.com is another amazing way to meet new people and see the sights as a local. It enables it’s members to surf on people’s couches, stay for free and in return allow others to do the same at your home.
warmshowers.org is the same concept, only it caters mostly to touring cyclists. Therefore, if you find yourself touring by bicycle this is an amazing way to R and R, take a warm shower, interact with like-minded people before braving the open road once more, clean and fresh.

3. Volunteer & Cultural Exchanges

workaway.info is a great platform for budget travellers, language learners, families and culture seekers to volunteer in exchange for accommodation and food. Unlike the au-pair, you do not get paid for these exchanges but it will allow you to give something back to local communities, make a difference in others lives and travel the word for free. There is a sign up fee for this, but it’s really not that much and will be worth it to find a great opportunity.

4. Summer Camps

Every year thousands of kids across the globe with rich parents or maybe just busy parents attend summer camps.  This means only one thing for the likes of you and me! A chance to live in a another countries for 3 months of the summer.  The most popular/desirable camps are in the USA, where the weather is great, the activities are endless and you even get paid a few bob too.  Why not spend the entire summer feeling like you are on holiday instead of only two weeks! Get applying today with Campleaders, CampAmerica,  Camp Australia

5. Bla..Bla..Car

BlaBlaCar is a car pooling website that allows you to travel across country for next to nothing.  The idea behind it is that the person who owns the transport gets to share fuel cost, company and the journey with others looking to do the same.  A win win!  You can choose from many countries around the world (mostly European), check out whats available for your dates and you will soon be finding your way to your next destination for a fraction of the cost.  This is especially effective for Europe, as the train and bus costs can start to put a dent in your budget.

5. Frequent Flyer Miles

Although not exactly free airfare, accumulating air miles comes pretty close. All you have to do is pay taxes on your flights and let the miles do the spending. Air miles credit cards are a great way to accrue miles, with a lot of them offering bonus sign up miles, depending on the time of year, some better than others. Start spending on these air mile credit cards for everything, shop on their online stores and watch your miles multiply and destinations get even closer.

Headforpoints.com is a great website to start with, it has great advice for novices and hobbyists, and one we personally use too 🙂

6. HelpX

HelpX is another platform similar to Wwoofing in that you get free accommodation and food in exchange for your volunteering services.  The main different between Wwoofing and HelpX is that you can be asked to do a number of volunteer work from teaching English, online marketing, farm work, building houses, helping out with scuba diving schools, teaching surf lessons etc..the list goes on, with Helpx.  Wwoofing is mostly limited to farm work.  You need to pay a small fee to register for 2 years, which allows you access to all the gigs available.  The listings are worldwide, so you could find work anywhere while you travel.  This is another great way to save money, helping out, while you travel the world!

There are most definitely a million other WAYS TO TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR FREE but these are just a few great options.  So sign up now, get your hands dirty and see the world.

Don’t be put off travelling by expensive airfare and accommodation costs as there are so many alternatives out there and we have mentioned only a few! These are fantastic ways to enable you to reach foreign lands and travel until your heart’s content. That’ll be a Pina Colada please 🙂

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Comment below and let us know your thoughts on other ways to make travel a way of life.  Let’s help each other travel for longer!!!


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