What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

Reflecting on 10 years of Travel

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What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.. Looking back on 2016, it was such an epic year. We quit our jobs in February, to then un-quit them again in September! But now we are finally living a Location Independent Lifestyle, meaning we can travel and work from anywhere.

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve travelled to new countries & revisited old ones as we’ve globe trotted across two continents.

In July 2016 we got married in the most romantic wedding venue we could ever have imagined, after a close call with two cancelled venues prior, and had the most magical day of our lives. (As corny as it sounds!!)

For the honeymoon we went to Paris then extended it by cycling across Portugal and Spain on one amazing biking adventure. When the heat finally became too much for us we headed back to Korea for yet another stint at English Teaching. It was a busy year, that’s for sure.

We loved and we lost, and we nearly died….as you do!  But why is it that we never regret the things we did but rather those things we failed to do.

That’s what a new year is all about I guess….right?!

The chance at a do-over, to experience the things we backed out of in the past year. To plan a new adventure, or to get a second chance to accomplish the things we failed to do in the year gone by.

So as 2016 came to a close and we made our way into 2017 I not only reflected on the past year, but on the past 10 years of travel and what I wished I’d known in my 20’s that I know now.

1. Look Fresh At All Times:

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

Look at the world with fresh eyes and identify opportunities. This is something I have learned over the past 10 year of travel, that opportunities are abundant, we just need to look in the right place, or look at all for that matter.

Rules made by society, the government, religion, social groups or our families and friends can be overwhelming at times and often force us to break the rules to satisfy our own needs or desires.

This can be seen in society at large these days, in nomads around the world quitting their 9-5 jobs for a more fulfilling life of freedom and adventure.

Travel definitely broadens your horizons. Being open to experience everything that is thrown at you in a positive way will change the way you travel forever.

People no longer define themselves by their professions, what car they drive, how big their house is or their education.

We need only look at Mark Suckerburg for an example of this.

Figuring out when a rule is merely a suggestion and identifying that line we draw for ourselves around the things we know we can accomplish and those we think we can’t, will have a great impact on how each chapter in our life plays out.

Don’t seek confirmation from others on how to live your life. Success is not in big cars or flashy materialistic things, it is how you perceive it. We can all be successful in our own right.

Ten years ago the right thing to do was to get an education, get a good secure job, work you way up the ladder until you could afford the dream house, flashy car and grow a family.

Until it wasn’t so secure, jobs were at a loss, big houses were and possibly still are in negative equity and suburban life with one or two holidays a year just didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Now, a year in full time travel can actually save you money with more ways than one to work as you travel.


Take the opportunities available to you, without question, without doubt. Just take them, learn from them, embrace then and enjoy the ride.

I wish I’d taken more in my 20’s!

2. All Path’s Lead to Where you Want to Go:What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

It is our responsibility to pick our our direction in life: We don’t always have to get it right the first time. Life presents us with numerous opportunities to experiment and redefine our passions in new and exciting ways.

There will always be doubt and uncertainty but with confidence and the successful pursuits of others, these doubts will transform into new challenges and excitement.

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

I’ve often worried about my path in life. Was it the right choice or would I have been better off on the other path that was available to me at that time. But I’ve realised it doesn’t matter what path we take, life’s about the journey. Life has the same ending for us all.

Take more risks, walk more paths. Try them all so you never have regrets about what could have been or what might have conspired.

Thinking about booking a trip ~ Why wait?

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 What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

3. Fail & Fail Again:

The more we face our problems the more confident and proficient we become at solving them. We learn from our failures because we had the opportunity to try them in the first place. I can’t count how many failures I’ve had in life because there are simply too many to count.

But the lessons come from the mistakes and how we change the outcome of the next.

We should all learn to fail, but failure to learn is life’s biggest mistake.

Failing does not mean you are a failure, it simply means you had the courage to try.

My biggest problem with failing is that most of the time I fear the failure, which prevents me from actually trying in the first place. This is one thing I am learning to overcome in my 30’s.

“What if’s” & “worst case scenario’s” should be replaced with

“que sera sera” & “If I never try, I’ll never know”.

4. Think Big & Big Will Become You:

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

Attitude is the driving force in our success. There is no limit to the size of the problems we can tackle.  I recently wrote a post on a term called “Dream Lining”.  Where thinking big is the object of the game. “What we believe and conceive, We can Achieve”.

What if you could achieve your biggest dreams or crazy ideas in life?

Achieving them is probably easier than you thought. Small insignificant goals never inspired anyone to change the world. Dreaming bigger and believing anything is possible is the new way of thinking.

Remember the saying “it always seems impossible until it’s done”!

So start dreaming big and big things will come.  This goes for travel plans, life achievements, anything that really matters.  Thinking the impossible and you’re already half way to achieving it!

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

5. Do Something, Do Everything, Just Don’t Do Nothing:

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

The line between doing nothing and doing something is extremely fine. We all know that each side of that line have very different outcomes.

If you get out there and try everything and anything, your chance of success or happiness is much greater than those who wait around for things to magically happen. The truth is, they don’t!

Steve jobs once said “Do one thing and do it well”, but sometimes we need to find that one thing that ignites the fire inside of us and so the only way to do that is to try as many things as possible. Creativity results from action. So get to work!

What are you doing today that will determine the outcome of your future?

I was always the type of person to get overwhelmed by the big ideas and plans that I wanted to achieve that it prevented me to doing anything.  In my 30s, I don’t think so much.  I just do.

Think about what it is you really want or that special place you really want to see and make it happen. Don’t think, just do!

6. Act like you’re Crazy “All the Best People Are”:

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

If other’s think your idea is crazy, then you are most certainly on the right track! I heard a saying once “when you find yourself on the same side as the majority, it’s time to re-evaluate”. I like this idea and I’ve always wanted to do things a little differently.

“The opposite of courage is conformity.” – Earl Nightingale.

Craft your own path in life and don’t let others dictate or choose it for you. People will often give you advice on things they have no experience with. If you let someone else make your choices in life, they will end up making the wrong choice. Only you really knows what you want.

Don’t wait for others to give you permission to do things. Take it upon yourself to go get the things you want in life, grant your own permission.

Being a little crazy sometimes just means you’re shaking it up a bit. Doing things your own way and that’s ok. In fact, that’s the way things should be.  Just as Alice once said ” You’re entirely bonkers, but i’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are”.

7. “Luck” does not exist. Create your own luck:

What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

People are not lucky in life! You cannot be lucky and win the lottery if you simply don’t take action and do the lottery in the first place.

You are not lucky if you win an exotic trip around the world, all expenses paid. You paid attention when you noticed the advertisement for the competition, you took a chance in entering in the first place, you were open to the possibility that you could win and you won. You were not lucky, you were proactive and optimistic.

If you want luck, you have to earn it. Invite luck into your life by being optimistic, observant, open minded and learn to turn good opportunities into amazing outcomes.

Everyone wants to be lucky, but not everyone is prepared to put themselves out there to create their own luck. I wasn’t in my 20’s, but that’s something I’ve  changed as I get older.

8. Master you Mind to Control your Emotions:
What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today.

Your emotions play havoc on your outlook on life. Have you ever wondered why, when you are in a bad mood or your having a bad day, nothing seems to go right.


Everything is exaggerated. A day that started out as bad, can quickly become the worst day of your life by dawn.

The reason being that our emotions play a huge role in how we look at things. Learning to be aware of our emotions and actually have the ability to control them can seriously change your outlook on life.

A few years ago we tried Vipsanna in India, which concentrates on enlightenment and being aware of the present moment. I didn’t last very long, it was definitely more challenging than I imagined. For me, being more aware of my emotions and not letting it affect my day in a negative way is still something I’m working on.

But over the years, as we’ve travelling extensively around Asia, I’ve noticed my mood and attitude towards new countries and cultures has a big impact on my outlook. If I embrace all the bad with the good and learn to appreciate the small things, I leave with a more satisfied perspective. A positive outlook creates a positive experience.


I wish I knew a lot of things in my 20’s, but that’s the joy in getting older and learning as we go. The past 10 years have been a massive learning curve for us, but also one big great adventure [as life should be]. I have no doubt the years to come will bring lots more of where that came from.

It’s healthy to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. I also love making goals and planning ahead.

I’m a list making self proclaimed freak, a stationary nerd, an adrenaline junkie and sentimental soul and I make no excuses.

Here’s What I wish I knew in my 20’s that would change the way I travel today….


What do you wish you would’ve known in your 20’s?


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