What you need to know about snowboarding in Korea!

Snowboarding Korea

All you need to know about snowboarding in Korea

Skiing and snowboarding in Korea:

 Top class skiing, Scenic locations, Great Value!

ski slopes

When I first came to Korea I’d never stepped foot on a ski or a snowboard.  In Ireland, although our weather is delightfully cold in winter, we just don’t get enough snow to equip a really great ski experience.

Here in Korea, within a few hours of Seoul you have an abundance of great ski resorts offering inexpensive ski passes.  We just can’t get enough of snowboarding when Winter hits Seoul, it makes the subzero temperatures more than bearable!!

When you think of skiing I’m sure there are a number of amazing ski resorts that come to mind.  Matterhorn:Switzerland, Whistler:Canada, St Anton:Austria, Riksgransen:Sweden and many many more.  Each resort offers a truly unique experience based on what you’re into; long ski seasons, a party lifestyle, great views and scenery and above all, great skiing!


ski fashion

You can add style spotting to that when you head in the direction of Phoenix Park or High One Resort just a few hours outside of Seoul.  This is one Country that does things a little different when it comes to Ski Fashion.  

You’ll find Korean brands like Alibaba, Bubblegum, Felice, Sugarpoint, STL or Purplecow, with unique designs full of flavour and colour that will literally stop traffic.  You won’t find these styles elsewhere, which is why skiing in Korea becomes a must-see winter attraction. 

You don’t have to be an elite skier to enjoy the ski in Korea….

Although we’ve yet to experience the best ski resorts in the world, in my opinion South Korea’s ski resorts are great for price and value alone.  You don’t have to be an elite skier or save for months on end to enjoy the ski season, like you would while in Switzerland for example.

In fact a season pass for Phoenix Park for example costs around $400.   This is a fraction of the price compared with the most popular resorts around the world.

Ski resorts a day trip away!!

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Bears Town Resort, Star Hill Resort, Jisan Forest Ski Resort, Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley and Konjiam Resort are the closest Ski Resorts to Seoul.  You could take a day trip, spend the day skiing without having to spend the night.  For these reasons, they are also the most popular and thus can get very busy during the peak season. Click the links for more details on getting there and prices.

Because there are so many ski resorts to choose from we have decided to choose a select few that we think are worth a visit and ones that we’ve personally skied at.  You can find more information here for all other resorts.


Bogwang Phoenix Park:


One of our favourites has to be Phoenix Park.  Situated in Gangwon-do this resort offers 21 slops with various levels of difficulty, 8 ski lifts, an 8 person gondola ride and perfect scenery to accompany it all.  At the top of the gondola you can enjoy at beer or coffee with a view or take a walk around the cute little snow garden.

There’s even a giant swing ~ because no ski resort would be complete without one, right?!

Known around the world for it’s ‘Extreme Park’ popular with snowboarders, phoenix park sure has a cool kid vibe.  There’s no shortage of places to stay with 5* hotels, motels and hostels all located nearby.  We usually check online for hotels close to the resort, then call directly to secure a room and haggle a little on price.


If you struggle to find anything suitable you could try calling the Korean Tourist Operator for information, (02 1330). They will give you a list of possible options to choose from and numbers to call.  A note to remember is that not all hotels and motels will speak English, so having a Korean friend on hand to help is useful but not essential!

Getting there is easy enough with a free shuttle bus for season pass holders and other paying guests, leaving from Samseong Station & Sports Complex Station once daily. You can also get the local buses from Dongseoul Bus Terminal and Jangpyeong Bus Terminal  (with a possible connection/taxi ride closer to the park).


Muju Resort (Deogyusan Resort)

muju resort

Formerly known as Muju Resort, Deogyusan Resort is one of Korea’s most famous mountain peak ski resorts. It’s set in the majestic Deogyusan Mountains. If you love nature you will love this resort, especially at christmas time when the resort feels like you have been transported to a magical European Village.

Hotel Tirol is a beautiful Lodge hotel offering great rooms with spectacular views of the slopes. It has that extra special, christmassy (yes it is a word!) feel around December time complete with christmas tree, music and life-sized teddy bear that the kiddies will love.  If you’re looking for somewhere special to spend Christmas, this is the place!

According to Visit Korea, this resort offers six ski slopes with various levels of difficulty. The Silk Road Slope is Korea’s longest course and the Raiders Course has the steepest slopes in the entire nation.  For the kiddies you can enjoy sled riding and other activities.

The village itself offers various dining options to suit all tastes as well as additional extras like spa’s and an outdoor sauna/waterpark.  There are plenty of motels and hostels within walking distance to the slopes and other options in the town nearby.

Getting there you take an intercity bus from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Muju Intercity Bus Terminal. From the backgate of Muju Terminal (in front of Jeil Uiwon Hospital, 제일의원) you can take the free shuttle bus to Deogyusan Resort.  This journey takes over 3 hours, making it impossible to visit on a day trip.


All you need to know about snowboarding in Korea

Get your thermals out and see you on the slopes! Let us know of your experiences on the slopes above or elsewhere.

Happy Skiing!


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  1. Very cool! I’m from Canada, so I have a lot of experience snowboarding. I was living in Korea for a year, and I got to go snowboarding once too. I don’t remember the name of the resort, but it was such a fun time!

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